What to wear to summer weddings? The summer months are hot and sometimes sticky but you can’t just slip into a pair of shorts and flip-flops. What can you do? We got ideas and advice guaranteed to help you…

One thing about weddings is the rule of etiquette that concerns the dress and everything you wear to a wedding. Of course, there are guidelines that have to be followed when it comes to what to wear and this is one thing that you should always keep in mind.

If you are looking for an outfit or dress and thinking about how to dress for a summer wedding,

Go for light-colored dresses
– they are more appropriate wedding attire for summer weddings. It may be hot but you want to look cool – my advice would be pastel colors for summer wedding dresses, especially if the wedding is during the day. However, if you look good in a dark color, you can choose shades of violet and blue.here are some ideas and tips that you will find useful.

  • Don’t wear black if the wedding is in the day. Although wearing black to a wedding is no longer a taboo, black for weddings is best reserved for evening occasions. Remember, pastel or bright colors are good for summer wedding wear.
  • Leave the white dress to the bride. It may be hot but don’t wear white to a wedding – whether it’s a summer wedding or not. The bride won’t love to see you competing with her dress.Don’t wear revealing dresses. You may want to strip off but whatever season it is, and whether it’s day or night – leave the club wear to parties other than

    • For gentlemen, don’t wear a tux– unless the invitation says ‘black tie’. Leave the tux to the groom.
    • No casual attire. Especially for men, jeans or shorts are inappropriate for weddings. Be respectful to the happy couple, they want you to be dressed properly for the celebration. A suit and tie is a safer choice – especially if you don’t know what to wear.
    • Avoid wearing flip flops to summer weddings unless you are going to a beach wedding and you are part of the wedding entourage. Even at beach weddings, guests still look good if they are not in flip-flops.
    • Watch your makeup. Summer weddings, especially during the day, don’t call for heavy makeup. Try simple but presentable makeup.

Going to a wedding in the evening or night? Find out what to wear to a night wedding – essential tips and ideas.

One of the better summer wedding tips when it comes to dresses you can wear to a summer wedding is to go for knee-length or tea-length dresses. In choosing a summer wedding dress, just keep in mind the rules of etiquette and you will be safe with your outfit.

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