Bridal shower wishing well poems are often needed but finding the right wording can be tricky. We have ideas, tips and poems for you…

Poems have always been part of bridal showers and although they can be an informal and fun gathering of bridesmaids, lady friends and family of the bride and groom, it can also involve some tradition. If you are having a bridal shower wishing well then you will need to come up with a poem or two.

Good Wishing Well Poem Wording Can be Hard to Create

The bridal shower wishing well wording is probably the part where you may run out of ideas, there are a few tricks that can help you when wording your wedding wishing well poem. You can always make your own, personalize it and don’t forget the rhymes. You don’t need to have a very lengthy poem, as long as it sounds good and of course, it sends the right message that you want to give.

Make Your Poems for The Bridal Shower Short and Sweet

When you are drafting wishing well quotes and poems, keep them short and sweet. Of course, you can draft a simple poem, a funny one or even a wacky one that can make the bride-to-be smile. The theme of the bridal shower can also give you an idea for the poem or the wording that you want to put into your wishing well card.

You can also find a selection of bridal shower wishes and compile an original poem. You can get good ideas from a memorable experience you had with the bride-to-be when you were young or explore your common interest and likes and let it be inspiration for making your bridal shower poem.

A Popular Bridal Shower Wishing Well Poem

A Bridal Shower is being held
For a very special Bride
So please use this handy bag
To tuck an extra gift inside.

It can be a dishcloth for the kitchen,
Cleanser for the sink,
Perhaps soap for the dishes,
Whatever you may think.

They will need items for the bath,
Perhaps some light bulbs too,
Combs, Kleenex, soap
The choice is up to you.

We would also like to ask you
For your favorite recipe,
It’s something Jen will treasure
For a lifetime of cooking you’ll see.

The gifts will come in handy
For both the Bride and Groom
And their cupboards will be stocked
In each and every room.

The information follows
It’s a very special date.
We hope that you can join us
It’s time to celebrate!

Here’s some of our favorite bridal shower wishing well poems that you can use, feel free to change the words around to fit your situation…

They’ve got towels and dishes for two,
They’ve got pots and pans and cocktail glasses too,
So what do you get for the happy couple
Whose home is setup with everything double?
Their home needs fixing and decorating too,
But they don’t want just carpet or even glue.
Special wishes can make their home grow,
It’s really that easy and now you know.
An envelope will be given to those who are able,
To give a monetary wish for the Bride and Groom’s stable.
At the reception, a wishing-well will stand tall,
Attach your wishes, for the couple, with love from all.

The wishing well is here for friends and family.
Make a wish for the couple and let your envelope go merrily.
As it falls in the well, your wish will come true.
A little something for the couple, to help them on their way, is welcomed, too.
Please spare the time and make a wish before this day is through.

This could be used for a kitchen themed wishing well..

In our home we have our things,
That being together usually brings,

Household items we’ve already got,
Towels and linen; we’ve got the lot!

The kitchen sink, cups and dishes,
What we’d like are your wishes.

So if you can, it’s our hope,
You can fill a little envelope,

To make our home it’s very best,
thanks to you, our loving guests.

The custom of the wishing well
is used on this lovely day,
it’s here for your special gifts
and the wishes for you to say.
Please give some love and hope,
for this special Bride and Groom,
together, blessed by God,
to live forever in bloom.

We have an idea that we hope you will try,
before you start looking for gifts to buy.

Wish us the best and come to our wedding,
bring this envelope, the word is spreading.

Silver or gold, whatever you can,
to help a newlywed woman and man.

To support us on our special day you may wish to follow tradition and bring a gift.
Alternatively you may like to help us make our honeymoon a little more special.
For this reason we have chosen a wedding wishing well.
The wishing well will be at the reception,
Where we can receive your best wishes and contribution.

You will soon hear our wedding bell,
Family and friends, wish us well.

The things in our homes are getting old,
So many things we should have sold.

Because we already have bedding and dishes,
Why don’t you offer us wishing-well wishes?

And even more we ask of you,
Prayers of love and blessings too!