You have told them ‘Thank You’ for the gift and they knew you loved it, now it is time to put it in writing.

Thank you notes do not have to be a long drawn out letter. A simple, sincere thank you note is all that matters. So… where does one start?

Order your thank you notes early. In fact, you might want to order them with your invitations. Most invitation companies offer coordinating ‘Thank You’ cards and it may save you on shipping costs to order these all at one time.

Get organized with a master list. Making a list of all gifts and monies received will help you with your writing. Jot down any ideas for thank-you notes as your receive the gifts to help you later on.

Write your thank you notes as the gifts arrive before the wedding. For gifts received after the wedding, notes should be written and mailed within two months.

Putting your words on paper can be tricky. Here are some tips to help you:

Describe the gift and how you will use it. If the gift is a decoration piece, mention how great it will look on the wall, etc. If the gift is money, give some indication on how you will spend it (down payment on house, home improvement, and furniture).

If you have never met the gift giver (friend of parents, professional, etc) let them know it will be a pleasure meeting them in the near future.

You received duplicates? The giver needn’t know this, thank them just the same for the gift. You can arrange to return or exchange the gift without their knowledge.

Let the groom share in the writing. He can write thank-you notes to his family and friends.

Last, but most important, make sure all notes written by hand. No matter how bad your handwriting, your penmanship adds a personal touch.