7 Things The Wedding Planner Does To Have An Exceptional Wedding

7 Things The Wedding Planner Does To Have An Exceptional Wedding – As a wedding planner, your main business is to keep the clients happy and this way, you get more business in the form of referrals. This is done by simply making their wedding memorable. There are many facets when it comes to the wedding, you can choose to have different themes that the couple will like, different shades of their color and other important things pertinent to the wedding.

The main idea is to make such decisions with consultation with the couple, this means that they are always in the loop on the planning of their wedding so that to avoid unpleasant surprises on their wedding.

Make your wedding picture perfect

1. Choose a beautiful location

It is your business, as the planner to create rapport with the management of various spots most suitable for wedding receptions. Having such rapport with these places means you can get good rates when you bring them business inform of weddings. This also means that you will have a variety of places to choose from, considering the wishes and budget allocation for the venue.

By choosing a beautiful location, you are already on track to making the wedding day memorable. Many professionals suggest that you have a sit down with the bride and groom and hear where they have planned to do their wedding, if they have no venue, and then you can start looking for one.

2. The décor is on you

Funny thing about the décor is that is speaks volumes about the type of event that the couple are having. The comments, “it is beautiful” are not what you should go for, you should go for, “it is amazing”, that means it is unforgettable. The decor is normally in the wedding color but you can choose to employ the use of flowers and lighting that makes the wedding amazing.

3. Make the setup stand out

Floral arrangements and sitting arrangements are very important in the wedding setup; you want everyone to sit with their plus ones. You want them to see the bride and groom and to be in an earshot of the band or the music. Therefore, the sitting arrangements should be in this order to make sure the guests are happy and are part of the celebration.

4. Customize the invitation cards

In business, a happy client means that business will grow because nobody forgets a good deed done to him or her.  This should be your goal as a wedding planner, you also want to have the people who will not make it to the wedding wowed by your works of art, and this means that you have to reach them using the invitation cards. Invitation cards can be customized to the couple’s needs. This means that the type of paper, the type of print; whether printing, engraving or embossing will have to stand out.

5. Find partners who transport

Transport providers, especially for weddings are very important, they are known for their variety of services, from vintage cars to modern, classy ones, they will meet every requirement you give them on the wedding. The most attention is given to the car that carries the bride to the church and the one that carries the married couple to their honeymoon destination. These finer details will blow your clients mind away.

6. Pay attention to the menu

The menu needs to be up to standards with the guests available, if the reception is a black tie event, the wines and snacks should be the best. Contract a chef who is well known for handling the needs of large crowds, meeting them and doing a good job of it.

7. Manage the cost

Since the bride and groom will have given you the budget they are working with, it is important to work within this budget. Incurring other costs might leave you in a position where you might have to pay for them since the agreement is mostly to do everything within the budget.

Run your planning agency like a business that needs to thrive, with customer service, service delivery and trustworthiness as your pillars, these means that you will have to embrace good business practices to ensure your success.

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