When you plan a wedding

When you plan a wedding, you also plan on the occasion being memorable, an event your guests will be hard pressed to forget. What better way to do that than with sincere favors? There are a multitude of different candles you can present your guests, and a variety of websites and specialty shops catering specifically to wedding favors. For a cute, fun little favor, you can consider miniature candles shaped like a wedding cake. These are cute, definitely wedding oriented, and will work with almost any theme. If you would like, you may also want to consider tea light sets. In a variety of colors and designs, these candles will suit almost any celebration. What is more, they are fairly cheap! Definitely a plus for a wedding on a budget.

Let us say you are having a theme wedding, and it is taking place on the beach. Obviously, you will want a candle favor that will take your guests back to that special day. How about miniature candles shaped like flip flops? If itís a casual beach occasion, these will most certainly do the trick. If it is a more formal beach event, beautiful glass sailboat tea light holders may be just the ticket. They are classy, and they will definitely serve as a beautiful reminder for your guests. This illustrates how easy it can be to find favors that suit your unique wedding theme, for both formal and casual affairs.

You want your wedding to be as special as possible, every detail taken care of and everyone kept happy. The favors you choose for your guests will forever memorialize your special day, so you want them to be a reflection of your heartfelt gratitude for your guestís presence. Now, your wedding guests will have something to look back on to remember a time of joy, and a time of love, forever captured in these favors.

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