Weddings are a mix of the modern and the best of the classic

Accessories – Weddings are a mix of the modern and the best of the classic. Putting it all together can take you down many paths. It is pretty easy to put this work onto designers who charge top dollar for their ideas. We can take lesson from the top of the top and stretch the dollar value and the true value of the products bought to prepare for the big day.

Accessories are your best friend. Classic gowns feature beautiful embroidery and overlay patterns that present the silhouette of the gown. Although no one can really argue the beauty of this look it is without a doubt expensive to produce. Look to the moderate price range and look for a gowns that do not have any embroidery on it. You will find yourself wearing quality fabric, great design and a blank canvas. Utilize appliqués and jewelry to introduce that classic sparkle to your wedding dress.

Think creative smart when putting together your wedding ideas. An appliqué is a smaller piece of embroidered fabric ready for application to a a larger piece. They range from classic embroidery to modern concepts. They are easy to put onto a wedding dress or form unique pieces of jewelry. Wonderful necklines, waist definition, seam accents and sparkle will create a stunning look for your weeding day.

Jewelry can add to these accents or it can completely replace them. Go big on bracelets and earings for a bold look that pops. When wearing a clean elegant wedding dress you can easily mix Swarowski Crystal and pearl for a classic feminine look. Mix different shades of clear, white, or AB Swarowski Crystal for a funky appeal. Go modern bold with a heavy clear stone pattern. Your personality can really come through because you are not trying to match the dress.

Embroidered patterns and sparkle will remain on the dress well after the wedding has passed. Jewelry on the other hand can be worn out again. An evening outfit with your jewelry will beg for compliments and spark conversation well after you big event. Spend some extra money on good quality jewelry and add it to your collection. Look at your pictures, wear your jewelry and feel good.

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