As lead a happy marriage

As lead a happy marriage – For years we have asked the recipe to take our happy marriage, there is not obvious, since every couple is different, and has mutual agreements that only they know.

We often wonder how it is that this woman holds both her husband, or conversely as the poor man holds the woman so bad, no one has the ability to judge others, but by its very nature of man’s worst quality is criticize others.

One tip that I can suggest to me and it worked, and I have been married 16 years, is that when my husband wanted to fight me I immediately threw a mouthful of water while I spent arguing over the water from one place to another finished since I spent discussing water, was so intent on not spending the water not realize what he was saying.

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Another tip would be looking for a keyword, if it is this or that it serves, a keyword good for me might be love, my love, sky, heart etc, when you kick your husband boxes or not want fight to simply say “Yes dear,” or “If heart”, obviously those words anger a message’re not bothering me or that I, and the other person will not know that answer and calm discussion, I can assure you it works , or at least I gave good results.

A married life is complicated, but if we make it more becomes unbearable, just Remember that life is short and pass fighting, no use; hopefully serve them my advice.