Be the perfect groom

Be the perfect groom – Living with a soon-to-be-bride can doubtless be hard work – especially if you’re the groom and just want to give the love of your life her perfect day.  These tips should help you invest your time and money in the right way to help you be the perfect groom.

photography Makeup for Winter Weddings

Get in shape.  If you’re not already, obviously.  This is for you as much as the bride, but do you really want to look back at your wedding photos and know that you could have looked so much better?  Work out a good training regime around three months in advance, and you’ll look as good as the bride on the big day (though obviously don’t say that).

Don’t cheap out on your razors.  If you’re the sort of bloke who uses a classic bic in cold water because that’s what granddad would have done, then it’s time to join the modern world.  A great razor will remove all traces of razor burn from your face, avoiding you looking like a sunburn victim on the big day.  Do yourself a favour and spend the cash on a Gillette Fusion – you won’t regret it.

Get a facial.  Alright, metrosexual alert.  However, a wedding is a once in a lifetime affair, and taking care of your skin before the happiest day of your life doesn’t mean you’ll turn into Alan Carr.  Use good moisturizer in the week leading up to the wedding, and have a professional facial the day or two before.  You won’t regret it (and we won’t tell anyone).

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