The best man speech is quite possibly the most anticipated moment at a wedding reception

The best man speech is quite possibly the most anticipated moment at a wedding reception. It’s all up to you to set the mood and get the party started. You may make them laugh, or even cry. But what you don’t want to do is bore them to tears. Does the thought of writing and giving a best man speech have you sweating? Relax. You can give a great best man speech if you do one simple thing. Be prepared.

Speaking in public is one of the biggest phobias around

Speaking in public is one of the biggest phobias around. Maybe you don’t have a fear of getting up in front of hundreds of people and giving a meaningful, heartfelt speech. But for the rest of you, it can be downright spooky. But you can overcome your fear. One of the best ways to make your best man speech go off without a hitch is to be prepared well in advance. Don’t try to wing it. What you say and how you say it will be remembered long after the special day is over. You don’t want to be remembered as that guy who gave that awful speech, do you?

Here are some best man speech tips to preparing for big day:

  • It’s a good idea to keep your speech short and sweet. Five to ten minutes tops. You don’t want to put anyone to sleep. This is a celebration!
  • Keep your material appropriate (G rated) for the audience. Remember there will probably be children present. Watch your language.
  • Don’t say anything to embarrass the bride or the groom. There is a time and place for locker room stories, and this ain’t it. No former girlfriend stories, bachelor party shenanigan’s, or inside jokes.
  • Consider the groom’s personality. If he’s a serious kind of guy, you may want to skip the jokes altogether.
  • Don’t ignore the bride in your speech. If you don’t know her very well, do some research. Welcome her to your family and group of friends.
  • And most importantly, don’t wait until the last minute to write the speech. Start writing your speech 3-4 weeks in advance.

Writing a best man’s speech

Writing a best man’s speech can be difficult even for the most experienced writer. How do you convey everything you want to say without sounding like a dork? How do you give your speech structure and purpose?

Are you thinking “I NEED HELP!” Maybe some inspiration or a look at some other best man speech examples will help you put your speech together. Better, yet, what you could really use is a step-by-step guide. We recommend a guide that will do everything but give the speech. Learn how to write the perfect best man speech that will leave everyone speechless.

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