Candy and Edible Wedding Favor Ideas

Don’t underestimate the importance of wedding favors. They are the universal symbol of gratitude that the newly married couple extends to their guests. It is one of the most traditional aspects of the wedding – dating back many, many hundreds of years – extending thanks to your guests for sharing in your special day. Think about all the weddings you have attended, how would you feel if you did not receive a little “thank you” token of appreciation? The problem is, most guests expect favors – despite what some newer wedding articles might try to make you believe.

Your favors need not be expensive to convey a simple thank you. All your favors should do is be functional – something practical that people can use. How many times have you received a thank you gift only to place it on a shelf, or worse yet, tossed it in the trash, because you just did not know what to do with it. Unfortunately, some couples put very little thought into their wedding favors. Often it seems, that wedding favors are cast aside and treated as a last minute idea – leaving the puzzled wedding guests to scratch their heads and say, “What is this?”

Don’t fall into the category of silly unconventional favors! Give your guests something that serves a purpose. Why not edible wedding favors? Most people love a sweet treat, and if it can be consumed – it most likely will be used! From simple to gourmet, edibles including candy, chocolates, cookies, coffee, tea, hot cocoa, honey and mints, will satisfy the most discriminating wedding guest – and are available in price ranges to fit any bridal budget.Some tips to keep in mind when deciding on edible or candy wedding favors:

* Chocolates need extra care, from shipping with ice packs during the summer months, to storage both in your home before the reception and at the catering facility for your reception. You don’t want melted favors!

* Allergies: some people are allergic to chocolate, some people peanuts, others can’t have sugar. You may want to offer two different types of favors, and have your wait staff distribute them, stating they have sugar free options available. (Also good for the low-carb dieter who may want to indulge!)

* Hard candies and mints make excellent choices, as they do not melt.

* Jellybeans are loved by both children and adults alike. With so many colors and flavors available you can even match them to your wedding colors!

* Don’t forget about drinks as edible wedding favors. Coffee, cappuccino, tea, hot cocoa, cocktail mixes, honey – all are items which can be consumed and used. They require no refrigeration, are relatively inexpensive, can be personalized, and go wonderfully with a little edible treat!

* Cookies and miniature cakes – a small package of cookies (maybe even with a cookie cutter attached?) or a miniature cake they can take home – make delicious treats!

* Jordan almonds are a traditional and lovely token of gratitude.

Whatever you decide to give as an edible wedding favor you can be sure it will not leave your guests wondering what to do with them. You wedding favors will not go to waste; they will be enjoyed! You can decorate them as you please in pretty packaging – sure to match your wedding decor. It’s the idea that your gift to your guests counts the most; that you took the time to think of them. If the wedding favor you give comes from the heart, it will leave a lasting impression and memory on your guests.

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