You know you want vibrant colors, beautiful accents and flowers that represent who you and your groom are. However, unless you have a particular flower in mind, choosing your wedding flowers can be a difficult challenge.

Some brides choose their wedding flowers

Some brides choose their wedding flowers by what they symbolize and also by what is in season when your wedding is taking place. Choose your wedding flowers carefully and take your time. Think about where you met, were there flowers that you think about and hold in your memory? Walk through public gardens; visualize the flowers you see in your wedding. Which ones stand out? Talk to friends who garden and ask their opinions as to what flowers would look great in your wedding. Or if you have decided on wedding colors, choose flowers that would accent and make these colors prominent. 

When choosing wedding flowers

When choosing wedding flowers for bouquets and arrangements, check out Calla Lilys, which are large yellow or white tropical flowers. These are in bloom during the spring and summer months and mean magnificent beauty. Delphinium flowers are also in bloom during the summer months and come in shades of white and blues and are a popular wedding flower. Delphinium means swiftness and lightness.

Other common flower choices to look at when choosing your wedding flowers are Lilies of the Valley, which are traditional wedding flowers. They are small, white, and bell-shaped and are commonly used with other flowers in arrangements. Their meaning is happiness. A simple, and yet perfect meaning to any wedding. 

all year round flowers

For all year round flowers, try choosing wedding flowers that have a strong meaning, with a subtle look. Chrysanthemums have several different varieties to choose from, such as spider, miniature buttons and pom-poms. They come in different colors and mean wealth, abundance and truth. Carnations are another popular choice for weddings and come in either full-size or miniature blooms. Available in red, white and pink they can also be dyed to match the colors of your wedding. The meaning of carnations is love and devotion, which fits a wedding perfectly. 

When choosing wedding flowers, also think about fillers for bouquets. Ivy is the most popular filler and has been used for generations. It is available year around and means fidelity, friendship and marriage, which is a good start to include in your wedding. 

A friend god married in beautiful Copenhagen

traditional flowers

More traditional flowers to consider when choosing wedding flowers are the common rose and stephanotis. Roses are used in full blooms or buds and are available in a variety of colors. These are famous for bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres. Their meaning is love, joy, and beauty, which fit right in with a bride and groom uniting as one. Stephanotises are trumpet-shaped blooms in white and pink. They are available year around and mean marital happiness. 

Some people believe that the flowers used in weddings, dependent on their meaning, can bring luck and good fortune to the couple who chose them. When choosing your wedding flowers, go with those that stand out to you and ones that would look beautiful in your wedding photos. And remember, you can never really go wrong when you include flowers in a wedding