Dont know a Rose from a Rhododendron? 

Every bride needs a bouquet Ė fact. Not every bride is interested in flowers, their delicate formation, what part of the world they originate, just how much is this going to cost me?

Irrespective of your interest or lack of in your bouquet, it has to be colour co-ordinated with the bridal party. Every bridesmaid will need a bouquet, obviously smaller than the brides, bouquet or hand held posies for the flowers girls, button holes for the Dadís, Grooms, Best Men and Pageboy. Stick to the following guidelines and (hopefully!) you wonít go too far wrong. 

smuk brud

What time of the year are you getting married? 

This will determine what selection of flowers will be available to you If you want a specific flower that may be out of season, a reputable florist will be able to order it in for you but be ready to pay the price. 

See some amazing pictures from Aalborg city here

Do you have a favourite flower? 

If so, incorporate it in your bouquet as the main flower with possibly only some greenery or babyís breath added to pad out the bouquet. 

What height are you? 

You may ask what bearing this has on your bouquet!! If you are small in stature you do not want a large (wide) bouquet as it will only dwarf you. Select instead a long and narrow bouquet which will give you height. On the flip side, if you are a tall bride, you can opt for a larger bouquet but remember these bouquets can be heavy to hold. 

If you see a bouquet that you like in either a magazine or on a website, keep a copy and bring it to your florist to give them an idea as what style you have in mind. It will make it easier on you both in the long run. 


If you are decorating the venue of the wedding ceremony, remember less is more. An elaborate stand or two at the top is sufficient. If you wish to bring these floral arrangements to the reception, please give sufficient thought as to how (realistically) portable they are. Only give this job to someone you trust (speaking from experience here!) 

Ensure that you get a quote in writing from your florist breaking down the costs so there wonít be any hidden or surprise charges. 

Flowers really do enhance a venue albeit church, reception room, wherever, so do put some thought into it. 

Ideally, try and see your venue set up for another wedding. Take note of what they have done with the room and specifically where they placed the floral arrangements. If nothing else, it may give you some ideas of your own.