How did you decide to become a Wedding Planner?

Daily life of a wedding planner – Once I attended a friend’s shower and saw some shortcomings in the organization, I realized that was not up to what they needed at the time. Eventually I decided to get involved in the process of the organization in this area (and at that time I was not working because I was devoting to care for my son), and then I got headaches. It’s something I’m very passionate and I was captivated.

Daily life of a wedding planner

Do you think working as Wedding Planner, you should feel the emotion, or the fantasy world that lives every bride before marriage?

I think you should definitely have some quality, sensitivity is one of them, for all the latter die’m a romantic, I love weddings, I’ve always gone to new marriages, though I initially thought that I would never marry, but yes, you have that feeling in dreams, to share the emotions of others, and must have a lot of empathy with the partner, and be organized and responsible definitely the best at work, meticulous to die, and very thorough.

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Are you a perfectionist?

Yes I am a perfectionist, and not always a quality, because I am very apprehensive in the details and there are many things that do not delegate, or how I want to leave to others, but also with the touch that I give them many times to details.

Have you organized a wedding and you want your ceremony, and always with the vision of the bride?

Not necessarily. At first maybe, as you start to remember how was your wedding. When I became a Wedding Planner was married, I had lived, and that I think is important, and if you have that experience you do not know how, do not put in the shoes of the bride because you have not been there . That prospect already had it, but weddings as people in the world. And now I’m starting my fifth year, I can tell, there is nothing that (smiles), the idea is to see through the eyes of the bride, do not see with your own eyes, or find that everything goes well from my perspective, but it has to be according to what they have decided to take their wedding.

What is your inspiration for a wedding?

The conversation with brides is basic. Although most couples are sure of what they want, the vast majority. When they come to me do not necessarily have time to do it, always have clear ideas of what they want and do not want primarily, then that helps you organize a wedding.

It happens a lot and it’s funny, that sometimes there are brides that come with a certain style and I present samples of parts, and match some brides have the same style of reception, and choose the same model part, and is very curious , happened to me several times. Well, not always. Normally I invest my time in talking to the couple when they decide to hire my services, to meet their tastes and preferences.

What trends in this area?

Trends vary forever because nothing is static, the bride is classic, romantic, or modern minimalist details, or gather all times and make a mix. So I always talk to the couple to develop everything, and e is the means to stay in touch.

How far in advance of the wedding should seek the help of a wedding planner?

A year is not ideal, as they do not have anything separately, because a year and a little more, now that the premises are so requests, separate the local church and the reception. It is better to separate all just agree, have to see him once, because they fill up fast. From there I think eight months is enough to work. Although weddings have touched me three weeks, and finally with another I’ll have better communication and understanding of what they want, and as long as we need. With the bride of three weeks we will have to run, and the primary means of communication is e.

Do you recommend to brides in their quest for perfect dress?

Sure, we are chosen. The service covers everything related to the wedding from separate date, the church, the suit, the local choir, to where it will make the party and reception. We recommend an option as far as we know his style, I like to differentiate myself much in service. I am interested to be beyond, recommend and be your guide, accompany.

What do you feel when you see your finished work at the wedding?

It gives me complete satisfaction, full, seeing that the couple are happy to see that they enjoy their marriage, the bride is not stressed out, seeing that shines brightly in the photos because they see love, that is the greatest reward for Me. I love him so many things are left in the scenes, that the need to fix it myself, and they will not know and that nothing happens to them on their wedding day to protect them.

As a bubble …
And that one has to fight fires, because when I take care of the organization, I say with pride, almost no mistakes because I work with good suppliers who are key allies. That is basic, working together with them we make out cute. I like to be aware that everything is flowing perfectly, and there are many things that happen in marriages and they do not know.

What do you think of the wedding of Kate and William?

(Smiles) I have not followed, and I’ve been busy after Christmas. Questions today and now I really think about my baby, and being dedicated to the decoration of your space.

Of all the weddings we’ve organized have a particular favorite wedding?

Well unequivocally almost one hundred percent have been successful, I have some preferred rather than the event itself, by connecting with brides, because I become friends with them, we work very closely, nay, so I have my favorite wedding and after each write in a diary or log of pros and cons.

Do you think that despite the pragmatism of the time weddings are still important?

Yes, I completely. Moreover, many separations are also sad and that’s what I think the vision and desire still exist, we are a traditional country and these things will never go out of style.

What are your future plans?

I want to grow and include other details within the wedding category, that’s my feeling, everything that is related to the issue, or give lectures or courses. I’m focused on this time to restructure the company and the website, I want my portfolio is larger suppliers to resume strong second half of the year.