Diary of a Bride-to-Be No. 4

Diary of a Bride-to-Be No. 4 – Goodness, gracious! Would you all believe Matthew and I are at it again? Sometimes, I wonder if we will ever make it down that wedding aisle. We can barely make it down the grocery aisle without arguing these days. How can I marry a man who is completely clueless on crucial marital matters? Here’s the latest:

We never explicitly discussed it, but I just assumed my best girlfriend Alyssa’s children would be our flower girl and ringbearer. Reginald and Mimi are just drop-dead cute, and I’m like a second mother to them. Well, at the same time, Matthew assumed his considerably less photogenic niece and nephew, Glenda and Ira, offspring of the formidable Aunt Mildred, would do the job. This is clearly very touchy, since Matthew’s choice for ringbearer and flower girl technically are family, and I can’t come out and tell him why I don’t want them in my wedding. Matthew, for his part, is mystified that I had even considered having someone else’s kids as our ringbearer and flower girl, when we have two age-appropriate candidates in the family already. What to do, what to do?

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I know in my heart that the flower girl and the ringbearer are a precedent-setting part of the wedding. As the first attendants to walk down the aisle, their behavior, appearance, decorum will set the tone for the entire ceremony. Everyone expects an adorable flower girl and an equally endearing ringbearer. I have already been through heck trying to narrow down my sorority sisters to choose bridesmaids. Choosing a flower girl and ringbearer should be easy!

Some very radical ideas have been passing through my head. Flower girl and ringbearer in drag? No flower girl and ringbearer? Our next-door neighbors’ Chihuahuas, who we occasionally walk, as flower girl and ring bearer? Stumped on the idea of what to buy a fifteen-year-old Chihuahua as a flower girl gift, I decided (uncharacteristically, I might add) to let Matthew have the final say.

Being the gallant and gracious groom he is, he came up with a great solution, the ultimate marriage anecdote: a compromise. We would have both sets of kids and have two flower girls and two ringbearers. After all, there were technically two rings, and you can never have enough flowers right?

Problem solved. I ran out in search of economical flower girl and ring bearer gifts for our new wedding party quartet. Well, I didn’t exactly run out. But I did frantically google until I came to a site with just the right gifts: flower girl baby doll t-shirts for the little ladies and ring bearer backpacks for the boys. These wedding gifts for our littlest attendants were useful, adorable and reasonably priced. Phew! Choosing our flower girl and ring bearer was hard enough! I’m glad choosing their presents wasn’t.