DIY Wedding Planner

A Do It Yourself Wedding Planning Guide.

Here is my DIY Wedding Planner Guide. It has been formulated having organised my own and several friends weddings. I’ve covered just about every topic I can think of and given examples of how I have dealt with the various issues that arose. To help you find your way around this site click here on my site map. I hope you find my tips helpful and that some, if not all, will save you loads of money which you can put towards your future as man and wife. One day I will find time to write the book! In the mean time ……………

just by following some simple rules, even the most disorganised, haphazard person can choreograph their own magical dream wedding. This is how you can become your own Wedding Planner and save yourself vast wedding planning fees. This is also how you can avoid some of the pitfalls. With these simple rules you can make your wedding stress free and a memory to cherish for evermore.

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It does not matter if you are as poor as a church mouse, or have some cash to spare. You certainly do not need a degree in accountancy, hospitality or diplomacy. What you do need is to stick to some simple rules.

So, what are they? First, you and your partner need to set an hour, maybe more, aside. During this time you need to establish, or set the ball rolling for establishing, rule number one:


Yes, I have used the “B” word, but without carrying out this step, it will not be possible for you to proceed. It has to be done and I have, you will be relieved to learn, a formulae for you to achieve this. Click here for your formulae.

The next rule follows on from this.


Everybody’s finances will vary. Some will have virtually no money at all and may foresee this as an ongoing situation. Others may decide, whilst they might not have the money now they will agree upon a savings plan. Then there are those whose parent(s) are able to provide either some, or all, of the funding for the wedding. Whatever the category you find yourself in, you still need to sit down with your partner and establish the rules, if only to have an informed discussion with the parent(s)! Then you can draw up your timetable, or use the one I have already prepared for you. Click here for your wedding timetable.


Now for the fun part – making all your dreams come true. See my Wedding Planner Spreadsheet to help turn your dreams into a reality: wedding expenditure spreadsheet. Always keep a back up/hard copy. Also click onto the following link for: my organisational tips.

For those church mouse’s it may still be possible to make your dreams come true. Click here for a shoe string budget, also click here for more ideas.

Always remember the old adage about the best laid plans ………… keep a sense of humor and your day will be magical.

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For bed time reading why not browse through Melinda Barton’s “How To Have Your Fairytale Wedding On A Shoe String Budget”. It’s an easy read, full of practical ideas and proves you are only a shoe string away from your dream wedding.

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