Today's wedding can be extremely Expensive. You can however, cut your 
expenses if you plan, budget and stick to both as much as possible. 
Following are some suggestion I hope will help you.

1. Research the Internet.

A thorough internet search can save you time and money. The World 
Wide Web Provides you with information and resources for making 
purchases on-line. 
Many wedding websites provide links to wedding related businesses 
that could be your answer to quality products and services. 
When you look for wedding sites, opt for those that serve as 
bridal Resource and information centers and offer you direct contact 
with wedding professionals, vendors and service providers. 

2. Set your priorities and your budget.

Decide what you must have, what is optional and what would be nice 
to have.
Let availability and budgets be your guides. Know your priorities 
and choose wedding professionals, vendors and service providers 
who can assure that your wedding comes off just as you dreamed it. 
Be firm when you negotiate with them. 
Do not let them change your mind or talk you into something you do 
not want or did not budget for.
Yet, allow for flexibility. Being flexible and using your ingenuity 
and creativity is fun and could save you money. 
If you cannot find what you considered a priority within your budget, 
be prepared to either spend more or substitute.


3. Involve yourself your friends and your families 

Be sure, to involve yourself, your friends and your families in at 
least some of the preparations.Your loved ones will appreciate being 
invited to contribute to your happy day, show their creativity, have 
fun and save you money to boot.
Most importantly, you'll make your loved ones feel honored by and 
important to you.

4. Always comparison shop. 

If you have enough time, and start early, you may be able to shop for 
bargains and clearance sales and save a bundle. 
It is important however, that you distinguish between Inexpensive 
and Cheap. 
Before you buy reduced priced items, check to make sure that they are 
not of inferior quality since most often sale and clearance items are 

5. Use the expertese of Wedding Consultants and Wedding 

That's right, using the expertese of Wedding Consultants and Wedding 
Professionals can save you time and money. Their contacts and 
knowledge can be invalueable.
You can engage a wedding consultant to help you with tasks as small 
as locating trusted vendors and service providers, to tasks as large 
as organizing your entire wedding event. It is up to you and your 
budget to determine to what extent you want them to contribute.

6. Do some of it yourself.

7. Be aware of changes, return and / or cancellation policies.

Whatever you buy or contract, be sure you are familiar with all 
policies relating to changes, return and / or cancellations before 
you sign any dotted line or finalize arrangements. Pay special 
attention to deadlines for returning items or backing out of 
Having to buy something twice or having to pay additional fees for 
changes can, and does add up. 

8. Always, keep documentation of every contract and receipt 
in a safe place.