Engagement photos are a wonderful addition to any photography

Engagement photos are a wonderful addition to any photography videography package. Our Wedding Photos offers an engagement photo shoot for the bride and groom to take after the engagement. These are great in between your engagement and wedding day to commemorate the beginning of a very special relationship.

We offer backdrops or suggestions for locations for your shoot

We offer backdrops or suggestions for locations for your shoot. Traditional photography is mostly used with the occasional photojournalistic approach. Our goal is to capture the newly found love between the couple and allow them to have photos of each other, which they can show to their friends and family. The engagement photo shoot also allows the couple to select a photo that can be used at the wedding reception.

If you are throwing an engagement party, and are on a budget considering that you are looking to have a big wedding, we can assist you to customize a combination wedding and engagement party. We offer our clients the opportunity to bundle multiple services for any event so they can truly enjoy the saving that is brought on to them by Our Wedding Photos. We offer the best in-class service for all of our wedding services and we will not be undersold and offered better service than what we here will offer to you.

We understand how difficult it can be to pinpoint the one true wedding photographer that will be able to provide you with everything that you are looking for. It is also important that you find a video company in Toronto that you can work with that will make sure that you can have everything you need. There are many photography companies in Toronto that claim to be the best, however until you truly know what they offer, be sure to seek what they will tell you is value and decide for yourself and see if it is.

We will assist you in selecting the perfect shot in which you can display at your reception for when the guests enter. If you wish to go less traditional we can work with you on deciding what suits you best as a couple.

At Our Wedding Photos, our goal is to tell the true story of your event from start to finish. Whether it be a wedding, baptism or other special occasion. We follow alongside you in your closest moments to capture the emotions and personalities that make the day personal to you.

We always look for the best picture and sound quality for your wedding video including the best effects and animations with the best prices. That is our goal, to make you meet your budget and to be truly satisfied when you decide to go with us for your photography needs.