Favours top tips

Favours top tips – Men live in caves. Women live on lilies. That’s the way it seems to work when doling out traditional gifts to the best man and bridesmaids at Danish weddings. But what do they really want? We’ve gathered some of our best tips for buying your best man or bridesmaid a token gift in return for their part in the wedding.

A quick survey in our office surmised that cufflinks were the last thing us blokes needed, while the women in our lives were pretty much happy with anything that wasn’t Elizabeth Duke.

When you’re looking for usher, bridesmaid and best man wedding gifts, it should be relatively straightforward. This crew are entrenched in your inner circle, and you and your affianced probably know them better than most.

What are their passions? Are they mad keen sports fans; try and grab a ticket for the game. A little bit geeky, dig a little deeper and explore the electronics of Amazon.com.

We urge you not to fall back onto the cure-all of gift vouchers. It screams a dozen messages that you shouldn’t be targeting at this small collection of special people; not least that you just couldn’t be bothered.

We also believe in individuality. Avoid buying bulk items and giving one to each person, you’ve chose each person for a specific role in your day, and they should be rewarded as individuals, with careful consideration about each persons unique passions.

The exception to this, could be to gather everyone together for a VIP day and partake in an activity which suits you all. Fixing the date can be hard, but with a little intuition you could unlock a memorable celebration.

In the run up to the wedding, it’s a great idea to attune yourself to the task of buying gifts for your wedding entourage. Whether you find yourselves having dinner together, or simply enjoying a cup of tea at their house, keep your eyes peeled for an idea: Have they got a collection that’s missing a vital piece? Did they serve your wine in a mug, or boil an egg in a frying pan?

Also keep your ears tuned: Did they mention a book, or a play, or a desire to paint? These are all potential avenues to explore in your search for the ideal wedding gifts for your best man or bridesmaid, and it will save you vital time when it comes to hitting the high street— or e-streets — as you won’t be wandering aimlessly.

If they’re fans of handmade favours, or you’re just stuck for inspiration then take a gander at the really unique items for sale at Etsy.com. Along similar lines, look out for local craft fairs or limited edition series from local artists.

This might be the 21st century, but we much prefer the more organic, sustainable and everlasting wedding gifts, rather than plastic electronics or tasteless chintz. The basic rule is to remember the reason you’re buying favours for these people: because they’re standing by your side, on the most important day of your life.

Isn’t that worthy of going the extra mile?