Get a good sleep before the wedding

Get a good sleep before the wedding – Weddings, eh: nice and non-stressful, eh? Or not, as the case may be.  There’s no doubt that whether you’re the bride, the groom or even the planner, the last thing you want is to be up the night before unable to sleep.  Follow our tips, and get that great night’s sleep.

Get a sleep mask. Alright, they’re not exactly fashionable, but a sleep mask can do wonders for helping you nod off.  What’s more, modern masks contain ice packs, so that you can avoid getting puffy eyes on the day: what more do you want?

Exercise the day before. Whilst we’re not suggesting running a marathon (try getting married with a torn hamstring), a good long walk or even a light jog the day before can ensure that at least your body is tired, and will be more inclined to drift off.

Avoid TV in the hour or two before bed.  Whilst people might choose to use the TV to relax, the light actually suppress melatonin production meaning that the box actually stimulates the mind rather than helping it to relax! Read a book instead.

Get a comfy bed.  It’s your special day, so splash out to ensure that you really do sleep well.  Maybe stay at a nice hotel (a la Kate Middleton), or alternatively invest in a new mattress: it really will be the best investment you make!