Give your wedding cake a special look

Give your wedding cake a special look – You’ve done it! You’ve actually gone through with getting married and now it’s time for the traditional first role of married life – cutting the wedding cake.

A lot of people today are trying to make their wedding truly unique to the happy couple, well, the bride at least, even going so far as a break from tradition and making the cake themselves.
This allows the newlyweds to tailor the whole day around their wedding plan. Making the curtains and tablecloths match, or not if the case may be, even the decorations on the cake.

But one decoration on the wedding cake that is often overlooked is the cake topper. For so many years now, the cake has been topped by the bride and groom standing on the top layer in various styles. Some are just a traditional married couple; others include the bride having a groom in a headlock, showing what married life is about to be like!

However, a company from Hong Kong has teamed up with Swarovski, the world famous crystal and jewellery company, to create a special range of cake toppers.

Play Bling cake toppers are available in their online store now, and each monogram carries more than 500 pieces of crystal. The stainless steel cake topper is available in eight different font types and twelve standard colours, plus two specially designed ‘love’ and ‘heart’ to make your wedding cake the most special. The 10cm stand will help the toppers to stay firm.

Couples can make request for a specific crystal colour to match their wedding theme, this customization service is free of charge but will require another 15 days as they are all hand crafted.