Great wedding themes

Great wedding themes – White weddings aren’t everyone’s glass of champers. By nature, we humans are all different and when the magic of love is tossed into the equation it can make for some unusual, yet spectacular results. If you’re stuck for a wedding theme, see if the following alternatives are able to unlock your inner most desires.

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Colour Themed Wedding

Could pink be your new white? Or perhaps black is back? Other than tradition, we see no reason to get married in traditional colours.

Splash a little colour onto your nuptials by requesting guests come dressed in hues for the occasion, and donning the venue with suitably coloured flowers.

Check a colour wheel for complimentary colours, or approach a local designer to sketch up some ideas to add a dash of colour to your wedding theme.

Theatrical Themed Wedding

Lights. Cameras. Action. Do you see yourself as a bit of a performer? Does the limelight suit your neckline, and do the curtains provide the perfect backdrop to your bridal party? A theatrical wedding theme is an exciting alternative, and provides an air of fun and mischief.

Your wedding will be a talking point for years to come, plus the added bonus that many theatres are available throughout the day, and come readymade with seats aplenty, and a stage for inspiring matrimony.

Second Hand Themed Wedding

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” Since thisclassic proverb begins with, “Something old”, why waste your money on buying so many “Something news”? A retro statement is to request that there be as few “new” things at the economy themed wedding as is humanly possible. Leaving the way for two new rings, and a new life together.

This can be backed up by a dress-down theme or Second Hand Shop rule, meaning at least 70% of your guest’sattire must be sourced from charity shops.

Chocolate Themed Wedding

Why wait for the reception when you can get stuck into the goo stuff straight away. Chocolatiers love a good challenge, so fire your local one an email. Wedding rings, table decorations, accessories and more can be made and will have your guests drooling over your tantalisinglythemed ceremony.

Think chocolate fountains, and chocolate confetti. Think edible bouquets and a chocolate inspired menu. They all know you love chocolate, so why not prove it with chocolate-coated love.

Umbrella Themed Wedding

We really like this one. Providing everyone at the wedding with an umbrella provides endless opportunities, and unforgettable photo opportunities. You can add water, or gallons of paper confetti (or jellybeans). If it’s raining, you’ve provided shelter, if it’s sunny you’ve provided shade and if the first kiss is getting steamy, you’ve provided a screen for mum’s blushes.

Umbrellas can reflect the personality of its handler; with stylish and sophisticated, right through to childish and obscure. Set this wedding theme, and watch creativity rain.

Weddings are about bringing families and friends together to celebrate the joy of love, and union. No matter what façade you put on the wedding ceremony or wedding reception, it’s important to remember the reasons you’re getting married in the first place. That’s the ultimate wedding theme.