Hair and weddings

Hair and weddings do not always have a healthy relationship! Having a bad hair day on the day of your wedding is every bride’s worst nightmare and it is why so many employ the talents of a professional hairdresser to do their hair on the morning of the Big Day.

So how’s about a few professional tips on how to ensure your hair is the talking point of the entire wedding – for all the right reason?!

Here are a few tips from our experts on how to balance the perfect hair with the right dress:

  • With strapless gowns anything goes as far as wearing hair up or down, as the issue of obscuring some detail of the dress doesn’t arise.
  • High necklines and halter-necks will work best with up-dos, bobs or short styles.
  • Sleek chignons, pleats and ballerina buns all timeless, elegant ways to wear long hair without being too over the top and overpowering.
  • Anything too contrived or cutting edge will date quickly, not ideal if your wedding day portraits are on prominent display for years to come.
  • If you’re not wearing a veil, the back of your head will be coming in for a lot of scrutiny from the congregation so introducing detailing such as pin curls, flowers or bejewelled slides could make it a winner.
  • Don’t overlook hair colour. A week before, touch up your highlights and apply a semi-permanent gloss three to four days in advance for natural looking shine. Avoid over-processing your hair with chemicals.

Over-elaborate styles are inappropriate with an informal, naturalistic setting from sunflowers to sunsets. Soft loose curls are always an option. Simply pin curls into the desired shape for a romantic look that will last all day.”

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