When it comes to romancing their partner, it's clear that cupid's arrows 
certainly can miss their mark. There are a lot of unromantic people, losers 
in the love category, who believe exercise equipment or housewares make 
appropriate Valentine's Day gifts.

Flower girl

In a recent survey on Dateable.com, we posed the question: What is the 
least romantic gift you've received on Valentine's Day? Here are the top 
three winners (or losers):


Gold Heart: Roses, with a card for another woman!
Silver Heart: A Nordic Trac. This person states, "I am not sure if the 
message was your fat or not, but let's just say I was not thrilled."
Bronze Heart: A book on making love. "Sounds good but it sure can make a 
gal insecure," says an anonymous voter.

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Most of the runner-ups were household appliances and tools. What is this 
fascination for appliances? Ironically, a recent study revealed that the 
number of clean homes are declining due to women in the workforce. Although 
these gifts are practical, they are, nonetheless, unromantic. Runner-ups 
include the following:

A vacuum
A blender
Cleaning supplies
A Black & Decker screwdriver
A power steering hose
A toaster
A broom

I was asked the question: "So how do we end this? A handshake or a high five?"
Divorce Court. (You'd think the judge would schedule other types of cases 
for that day, right?)
A pear. Yes! A damn pear! I wanted a pear shaped diamond. But, I got.. an 
actual pear!!

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