Discuss with your fiancé what each of you see as an ideal honeymoon

Discuss with your fiancé what each of you see as an ideal honeymoon. You might be surprised to learn that one of you is excited about skiing in Colorado while the other dreams of a sandy beach in Cancun. Hopefully, since the two of you are engaged and probably enjoy similar recreation, a compromise honeymoon destination can be arrived at without too much problem. It’s important not to put the decision off because reservations for both accommodations and travel book nine to twelve months ahead for many of the popular honeymoon destinations, particularly at seasonally popular times.

It is advisable to hire a professional travel agent to assist you. A seasoned professional can help you plan a truly wonderful trip within the budget you set. Tell the travel agent what your dream honeymoon would be, and he or she will tell you how much it will cost. The agent can often help you discover ways to cut costs without compromising the quality of your honeymoon.

By letting the travel agent know how much time the two of you have for your honeymoon he or she can offer you alternatives that won’t have you spending the greater part of your trip traveling to and from the destination, only to have a short time to enjoy the vacation in between. If you are leaving the country you may need passports. Check with your travel agent or airline. Apply for your passports with plenty of time to spare.

Once you decide on a destination and travel, make your reservations for both and pay your required deposit. At least sixty days before your departure date you’ll probably be asked to pay for the balance of the trip. Budget money for your honeymoon now.

Travel agents also offer travel insurance. You might want to consider it. It can offer a way to avoid losing your deposit if you have to postpone the honeymoon for some reason, or if the airline or resort hotel goes out of business.