How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Dress

How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Dress – The idea of the “perfect wedding dress” for the “perfect wedding day” is very yesterday. Mid way through I have had the opportunity to work with many brides who for the most part are looking for something more. The modern bride is a modern women who has to many ventures, perfection is not a goal. Style and feel are the front runners in the game and honestly the bridal design houses have not made it easy. How to choose a gown?

What is style?

Style is born of risk and is not a friend to all. Everyone will not like your style but non the less you have to wear it in order to pull it off. Its easier to take a risk when you know you are standing on solid ground. For the gown to be beautiful regardless of style it must follow a strict formula. The gown must be structured well from the inside which will achieve to very important goals. It will provide the audience with good presentation and a good fit for you. The outer-lying fabric must contain a certain level of quality which is pretty easy to spot even if your not an expert. The fabric should have weight, depth, and texture. It is hard to argue style when you are wearing a beautiful gown, and those who don’t like it will still talk about it.

What is feel?

The feel of a particular gown is essentially how you carry the wedding gown. To those who matter most you will look beautiful in just about any gown. As an outsider we have all seen the mistakes and they do not look pretty. One method is to try, try, and try again but that sometimes leads to dead ends or a choice between two gowns. It has been my feeling that the best decisions come from a purpose. Getting married is not about a dress it is about a transition between past and future in the present. Deciding on the garment that you are going to wear in order to celebrate this event should mimic the very journey you are celebrating. Let go and try the funky, trendy, and classic. The wedding dresses have all the tools to take you to a point that will surprise you and your best critics.

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