Makeup for Winter Weddings

Makeup for Winter Weddings – If we decide to get married in the colder months of the year, also has its magic for a wedding charming. So the choice of makeup is a significant point at the time of the wedding, and especially the bride must feel comfortable and look elegant.

The makeup trends for this winter, says the expert Guillermina Lucero mape-Up, are kept in natural tones, with bright eyes reflecting a romantic and sweet girlfriend. The faces too loaded or exaggerated paint are left aside for a simple wedding without make-up removal means, but a soft face without losing the natural light.

Each season has its color palette. In winter, sophisticated colors in eye shadows such as coffee, dried green, purple, blue, gray and silver, favoring any face and skin tone

The low winter temperatures dry out the skin, so moisturizing is essential with a cream that protects the face from cold and skin reactions.

The idea is to place a bottom-up fluid below the skin’s natural tone. So we can play with transparency and shades of porcelain. Previously correct the imperfections to mark points of light, then draw and draw eyebrows. Ready to start your eye makeup and waterproof mask. At the end sprinkle all over your face with ultra-fine powders and translucent to give as much warmth to set the makeup. This will prevent your makeup touch up during the night.

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As for the lips, delineate and maquillarlos with a little shine, bright red to brown or pink-skinned, orange to pale skins.

The makeup of the bride has to be perfect, the face has to radiate happiness, is happy about the wedding, and it is essential to be beautiful on that special day. Whatever the style has to go according to your skin and personality keeping a very particular dress.