Making a bridal speech

Making a bridal speech – Whilst it’s considered standard practise for the groom and the bride’s father to make speeches, more and more brides are increasingly choosing to also make their own speeches instead.  If you want to do this then perhaps use the following tips to help you:

Don’t feel nervous. This is your special day, so a few butterflies are inevitable.  However, remember that everyone in the room is there to take part in your special day, and is there to support you.  If you make the odd mistake, it doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t have to be an essay.  If you just want to stand up, thank everyone for coming, declare your love for your new husband and sit down then that’s fine.  Just as much as if you want to get up and describe how you and your husband met, that’s fine to.  It’s entirely your day, so do what you feel you want to do.

Say your thanks. Whether it’s for the person that paid for the wedding or the hosts for a wonderful venue, it’s important to thank everyone that’s contributed to your special day.  Obviously the groom and your father will likely have thanked a lot of people between them, so perhaps offer your gratitude to those that haven’t already received it.

Enjoy it! You’re offering your love and your gratitude for everyone there on the happiest day of your life, so enjoy yourself!  This day is all about you and your groom, so you can do whatever you want!