Marriage relationship

Marriage relationship – The only way to start a relationship is to know that you are responsible for your own happiness, therefore you should be aware that you are the only one who can make YOU happy. And your spouse are responsible for his happiness. You have to remember to do things you enjoy doing separately and your spouse must also do the same. And when you are together, you’ll be happy because you are not dependent on each other for a pleasant stay in place. What most people believe is that you have to do everything you can to make others happy. And the truth is you can not make other people happy and it’s not your responsibility. We are all responsible for our own happiness. We can enjoy being with each other but the real happiness begins from within.


Most people are busy with their daily lives

Most people are busy with their daily lives. So to keep your relationship alive and fresh, you should always be fun to schedule one or two nights a week together. Everyone should have some type of activity to do so will not feel that it is the responsibility of one person. Treat your relationship like how you treat your home, you have to maintain it in order to survive long.

If you are married

If you are married. On the next anniversary, please update your promise. Remember why you married. Most people do not get married to get divorced. Falling in love with each other over and over again.
Send love to your partner all day. Send your lover a sexy SMS or email to let them know that you’ve been thinking about them. Leave a sexy note in the place where they will find it. For example, in the car, his pants, wallet pocket, purse, bathroom mirrors, etc.. This will set the tone for the entire day. Everyone wants to know they are loved and appreciated.

In a relationship, everything should be 50/50 if possible. There are things that men enjoy over women and vice versa. But no one wants to feel that they do everything. Find out how best to divide the household chores and show your appreciation for one another.

A relationship is nothing without the respect and good communication

A relationship is nothing without the respect and good communication. Most people are not mind readers. So, tell me what’s on your mind. Preferably with a calm and respectful manner. Most people can not listen to people when they are screaming at each other. Wait until you are in a relaxed environment to express your concerns. Open is a great way to reach agreement on issues or concerns before they become unmanageable. Listen before you judge.