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Photography focusI prefer writing in first person this section as I want to build a direct relationship with my audience who are curious to know more about my job. In order to offer a substantial product – I think – the most important thing is to firstly understand the needs of the person who commissions it, his taste, his sensations which move towards some choices; the creativity we all have inside us, even those who seem “sterile” and try to express it in a certain way. For instance, a marriage can’t take into account the emotions in that moment; technically perfect, but emotionally flat photographs can not convey the magic of that day, moments that the bride and the groom will remember forever.


It is not a biography, but simply a story which reveals part of my life and my passion: photography.

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Many of you do not know the origins

Many of you do not know the origins of this word which means “drawing with light” in Latin. It is a key concept of photography as well as the principle on which the whole life is based on our planet. Therefore I always assert that nothing can exist without LIGHT, everything would be dark and forms would have no details, no contours, no colours and no body except for matter. Everything has a form thanks to light, the photographer’s task or aptitude is to capture forever a moment, a place,a scene still with the right light.

I come from a country where light has its own characteristic, colour and intensity

I come from a country where light has its own characteristic, colour and intensity, that is to say from the magnificent Salento, in Puglia, precisely from the province of Lecce. I have always thought that my “passion” or aptitude to capture light is almost – let’s say – innate, by living in such a paradise. For love I moved to the green Tuscany, and I have realized there that my bond with light was indissoluble. My job and my passion are therefore a never-ending and frantic research for the “right light”, a model which characterizes each shot and determines the success of each photograph. For this reason I would describe myself as a “Light-hunter” rather than a photographer”.

Furthermore, I believe that taking photos is not only a question of technique but also of emotions, I like repeating that a beautiful shot can be perceived at a glance, but it is appreciated when eyes are closed.

It is then important to know where to shoot

It is then important to know where to shoot, which kind of sensation is searched for and transmitted. A technically perfect photo without emotion can be compared to a beautiful woman who can be boring in the end if she has nothing more than beauty to offer and there is nothing left inside of you after the meeting. The camera is obviously important, but you should pour your heart and soul into taking pictures, you should feel the need to transmit a moment as “lasting forever”; however if the photo is then blurry, it will be necessary to arrange it from a technical point of view…

I trained in Lecce both morally and technically, first as a painter and sculptor whilst studying at the Institute of Art Institute and then at the Academy of Fine Arts. Nevertheless, the first real “quantum leap” was the meeting with the Master Cosimo Casaranu who raised me from an early age in his art studio teaching me tricks, techniques and, most of all, a love for art and everything that is “beautiful”. This school has influenced many of my future choices, going beyond the realm of hobbies or work but going as far as my lifestyle.

I then continued my studies devoting myself to photography

I then continued my studies devoting myself to photography, first as self-taught and then through studies at the same time as painting, benefiting from the teaching of prominent professionals who have been willing to introduce to me the most refined techniques that this vast field has to offer. A warm thank you goes to the great Bruno B., who represents the other very important meeting that marked my experience. Bruno B. is a Master and a friend, a professional and sincere advisor, who through his teaching and advice has strengthened my passion, giving me tools that can express through passion and technique the feelings that I was looking for in my shots. Without him, I probably would not have made the big step of choosing photography as a profession.

My past studies have undoubtedly influenced the way I perceive the composition

My past studies have undoubtedly influenced the way I perceive the composition – it often happens that several of my photos are described as “paintings” due to my taste for composition, the light and the colours that are likely to be susceptible to the painting influence that I have developed and used for years in order to understand the light and the colours. The passion for photography mainly started with the desire to take photos of subjects of inspiration for paintings and later to portray children, moments of daily life, always with the purpose of bringing into the shot the emotion of that particular moment. From these starting points, I have sharpened a taste and an experience in taking photographs of different subjects that mesmerise me, in a dynamic, creative way and always with the best light. This led me to discover, after staying away from it for years, a particular passion for wedding photography in the way I interpret it – very differently from the faraway photographs in plastic poses. The same philosophy inspires the creation of the videos. In this regard, I would invite you to read the section containing my proposals so that you can understand what I mean by wedding photography and video.

Guest post by: Bryllupsfotograf Terp Aarhus