Rainy wedding day

Rainy wedding day – Rain, rain go away come again another wedding day. It’s raining it’s pouring the best man is snoring. No matter how we dress it up, rain is the last thing you want on your wedding day. However, this is Britain — the land of pelting rain — so allow us to prepare you for a sudden downpour.

Concentrate hard on the image of a wedding day drenched in rain. What do you see? Do you see drowning pageboys, and soggy wedding cake? Do you see sunken hats, and damp dreams?

No. You see a bride, scarpering for cover while her dad and a dozen others fail miserably to shelter his princess. You see more laughter than the sun could ever sporn, and you see puddles reflecting everlasting happiness.

The rain might be the last thing you ever wanted at your wedding, but if you adjust quickly enough, it could be the (second) best thing that ever happened.

We’re guessing (and hoping) you’re not reading this on your wedding day, so we’re presuming that you have time to prepare for the worst. By which, we mean assessing the set up of your wedding. Will there be sufficient shelter for you and your guests? If you’re planning on catering outdoors, have you got a Plan B?

Preparation is an absolute priority, and as the old adage goes:If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Accompinments to a wedding tent, or marquee are umbrellas. There’s little need to buy these too far in advance, but scoping out a retailer which stocks plenty of them could be a valuable draw cardshould the sky begin to rumble. Depending on the theme of your wedding, you could choose the frilly decorative style, or the more practical and dependable, golf umbrella.

If you have a feisty temperament then make yourself this promise on your wedding day: come rain or shine, you will see the positive side of things. Having a positive attitude is the difference between eternally great memories, or everlasting mayhem.

Positives of rain at your wedding can come in many guises. Firstly, it’s a natural climate control. A perspiring bride and groom look much more dishevelled than a couple fresh from the rain. The soft light created by grey skies can create incredible light for your photographer.

It’s important to considee this when looking at a wedding photographer’s portfolio. Are all of their images from bright, sunny days? What if it rains at your wedding — can they handle the change in light?

While sunshine encourages people to drift away, rain brings people together in intimate spaces, naturally introducing people, and tightening the webs of friendship.

And of course, in many regions of the world, rain on your wedding day is considered good luck; this stems from the fact that a wet knot is far tighter than a dry one, therefore when you ‘tie the knot’, a little rain should ensure long-lasting happiness.