Seven Creative And Fun Wedding Ideas

Everyone wants their wedding to be unique and memorable. The key to pulling this off is to find some creative ideas for weddings and incorporate them into your special event. This will go a long way towards keeping all of your guests entertained and focused on your special day instead of secretly texting their friends or checking Facebook on their cell phones. It’s also a great way to keep the bride and groom relaxed and having fun.

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1. Have Live Music

Having live music at your reception can be a great way to keep your guests out on the dance floor and entertained. You don’t have to go with standard wedding bands or music either. If you love to swing dance, why not have a swing band playing at your reception. Have a bluegrass band or jazz quartet or any other kind of music that you like. Your guests will love the fact that there is live music and that you have put your own special stamp on your reception.

2. Have Fun And Tasty Food

You don’t have to go with the standard wedding reception fare. Spice things up with tasty Mexican or Asian hors d’oeuvres, hire a caterer to do barbecue the night before your wedding, have a big popcorn or cotton candy machine at the reception. Think outside the box!

3. Have Fun Games To Play

You can have entertaining games for everyone to play. These could be outdoor games or indoor games. It’s your choice. You could play lawn games like croquet or bocci ball. Get a pinata or play pin the tail on the donkey. The sky is the limit!

4. Rent a Photo Booth

One great way to keep your guests entertained and create lasting memories all at the same time is to rent a photo booth for everyone to use. Later you can make albums of the pictures everyone has taken.

5. Have Some Added Entertainment

Surprise your guests with a magic show, dance company, caricaturist or some other unannounced entertainment or show. Your guests will absolutely love it and remember your wedding for a very long time.

6. Plan Fun Activities For The Kids

Make sure there are fun things for the kids to do. Have games, activities, coloring books or toys in a designated kids area. Having special activities for the kids to do that tie into your wedding theme is a great idea. It’s also a good idea to hire a babysitter or activities director to oversee the kids and make sure they have fun things to do.

7. Hand Out Unique Wedding Favors

Get creative here and provide your guests with unique and fun wedding favors that tie into the theme of your wedding. Let your personality shine through.

Use these seven creative and fun ideas for weddings to get your own creative juices flowing. Once you start thinking outside of the box, you’ll see how fun and easy it is to come up with a unique and memorable wedding and reception that everyone will enjoy.