Here are some tips to help you plan and stretch your
honeymoon budget:

a) Visit tourist sites online and send for their free
information packages. Sometimes you'll even get a 
video included as well. Browse through the sites to
see what activities, accommodations and restaurants
are available in your chosen honeymoon destination.

b) Start planning your honeymoon early. This gives
you the time to research your destination - or maybe
even come across a destination that you hadn't even
thought of. By planning early, you can find out the
costs of hotels, rental car rates, cost of activities,
etc. and set money aside accordingly.

c) If possible, travel off-season. The hotel and airfare
rates are always cheaper and it won't be so crowded 
with other tourists.

d) Consider and compare honeymoon packages. You can 
often find great deals that are cheaper in a package,
than if you book each item separately (such as hotel, 
airfare, car rental and meals in one package).

e) Use a travel agent or shop online for the best 
airfares. And be sure to compare prices with various 
agents/web sites to find the best deal.

f) Arrange your car rental in advance. Also, consider
booking the cheapest car (unless you insist on a
luxury car). Often times, when you arrive at your
destination, the car rental agency won't have any
of the smaller/cheaper cars available (even though
you've reserved one) and will upgrade you to a more 
luxurious car at the same rate as the cheap one.

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