The Healthy Bride’s Boot Camp Workout

The Healthy Bride’s Boot Camp Workout – Brides have many different reactions to getting engaged. Some will scream, some will cry, some will jump up and down. But after the tears are dried and the voices are hoarse with happiness, there’s only one thing left for a smart bride to do: order The Healthy Bride’s Boot Camp Workout.

Naturally, no one needs to convince you that your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life. And though no worthwhile man wants to marry a Barbie doll, your wedding day is an exciting chance to put your best body forward. Finally, you have the perfect excuse to get that perfect shape you always knew you were capable of. Why not go for it? The Healthy Bride’s Boot Camp Workout makes it as simple as popping in a DVD.

But don’t go reaching for the popcorn yet! Rather, grab some free weights, your cutest colored Pilates mat, a bottle of water and get ready to work!

One of the best things about The Healthy Bride’s Boot Camp is its flexibility. The fact that it’s a DVD offers a plethora of opportunities for customization: you can do it alone or with a friend. You can do a segment in the morning, afternoon, and night, or do the whole thing at once. You can feel free to do high-impact, low-impact or a combo without worrying about how you look to the rest of the class. You can strut around in your most darling Lycra workout suit or let it all hang out in your fiancé’s grubby sweats. The goal of Healthy Bride’s is to help you become more comfortable with your body and your life, which is quickly apparent once the DVD begins.

Throughout the five segment workout, coach Christy Masi offers a positive smile and steady stream of encouragement for blushing brides. From the thorough warm-up to the cardio, mat work, and strength training, Masi gives the insightful tips and gentle reminders needed to have a thoroughly effective workout.

Some stand-out features of the DVD include a modified option demonstrated by a fitness expert named Nicole Staab. As you can see from her awesome body, there’s nothing wrong with taking it low. Other cool features include the weight-training by dress design, which lets you target certain areas depending on what type of dress you are wearing. (We know you strapless brides want to be working those arms!)

Another important aspect that contrasts with other bridal “crash workouts” and “emergency diets” is that, as a renowned health expert, Masi focuses on sustainable workouts that you can continue doing beyond your wedding day without causing irreversible wear and tear to your body or permanently messing up your metabolism. Quick diets and crash workouts can sound great, but they usually do more harm than good in the long run. Masi is a respected fitness professional who understands what it means to practice a daily healthy lifestyle. She will help you kick off your marriage with a wedding-dress-ready body, then keep the physique long after the dress is back on the hanger.

An accessible, reasonable workout like The Healthy Bride’s Boot Camp is just the gentle transition you need to get away from watching DVD’s on the couch to using a DVD to work out! It also makes a great supplement for someone who already works out but would like a little boost or extra benefits near the Big Day. The forty-five minute workout is easy to integrate into your day and doesn’t require a wheat-grass diet or tromping to the gym on a rainy Sunday afternoon.