The Ultimate Name Change Packet: Sanity in a Packet

The Ultimate Name Change Packet: Sanity in a Packet – Planning a wedding is enough work to last a lifetime. The flowers, the cake, the bridesmaid gifts, the guest list…whew! We bet you’re happy it’s all over, and you and your new hubbie can just relax in post-honeymoon bliss, cozy in your brand new love nest. Right? Right.

Right after you reorder your checks, apply for a new driver’s license, get a new social security card, re-register to vote, apply for a new passport, notify all your credit card agencies, the IRS, the utility companies, the post office, your bank, change your name on all your stocks, bonds, mutual funds, deeds or real estate holdings, update your will, car registration, retirement plan, frequent flyer miles programs…Hey, where are you going?

Okay, okay, there is another option. For newlyweds who just want to relax at home in front of the fireplace with a bottle of wine, there is a secret weapon that lets you do just that: The Ultimate Name Change Packet.This brand spankin’ new, highly classified kit is concealed in an innocuous- looking packet, recognized only by the most savvy observer. But inside its innocent wrapping, this packet contains all the government documents, information and forms you need to change from your maiden name to your married name on your driver’s license, Social Security, IRS, passport, financial, institutions, voter registration, insurance companies and more, specific to your state. Imagine it! You and your new spouse curled in front of the fire, watching your favorite sitcom and eating Chinese takeout, filling out documents on the commercials. With the Ultimate Name Change Packet, the farthest you’ll have to travel is to the mailbox at the end of your driveway, where you just pop the forms in the mail.

Your satisfaction is cemented by the knowledge that, at the same moment you mail the forms, haggard newlyweds everywhere (those poor souls unenlightened to the genius of the Ultimate Name Change Packet) stand in line for hours at the welfare office and the DMV, wondering why the heck they ever decided to hyphenate.

It’s true! This newly developed Ultimate Name Change Packet is the most sophisticated product of its kind, so invest now for many peaceful evenings ahead and a hassle-free name change process others will envy…unless of course you choose to enlighten them to the Ultimate Name Change Packet’s power, too…