The wedding dance

The wedding dance – I have seen many many wedding couples who wanted to dance at times because they want or sometimes because parents almost demand it.

There are several issues:

1. the dress

There is a trend to have dresses with long tails that can not be collected. Although brides on a couture gown spend 8000 + euros and a normal dress 2000 + euros are often dresses that are impossible for the ball and finished black down and destroyed due to trampling of the groom, the bride herself (and even if they put the English photographer swing and merengue). Waltz really need to move along the line of dance hall and turn together. For this I recommend trying it with the dress designer before spending a dress that costs pastonazo well done.

2. Learn to dance

Dancing is difficult, especially for the man who has to take the girl, mark and properly follow up. Even for women find hard to get carried away. I danced with many women in many weddings and say that’s in every wedding girls who get carried away and know indications of human hands to guide them. There are also many younger girls usually have never really danced in couples and with all the cups inside them can not learn to dance in the moment. If we look at a normal wedding is very common to see 12, waltz back and forth and not 123 and not moving, it is also common to see merengue and paso doble danced the same with a shrug down to one side then the other side.

It is my opinion that to truly dance with confidence, joy, style and class, sensuality … is essential to take lessons with a professional. Once you master the rhythm driving the man, the style of each dance, in some dancing figures and turns of her or his or both; displacement line dancing etc etc. After many weddings I had not realized I needed to know dance and not really invent anything. After a year of classes and outings to dance I’m starting to think about I can dance a basic with a simple figure of the major dances. I’m very clumsy. There are people who take the quick trick but always time is needed for the body to assimilate something new, it is karate, dance … whatever … to actually do it naturally and without thinking.

I recommend boyfriends classes and tutorials higher budget.

3. Selection of music and dance form

A waltz can be very elegant if well danced. It is a difficult dance. But all dances are difficult. I saw my boyfriends balls dance more modern and less formal and Pulp Fiction, Whitney Houston Bodyguard, bolero and rumba luis miguel, Alejandro Fernandez, Slowfox (or more simple Swing) as Frank Sinatra, Tango (very difficult), Bachata (very Needless to sultry loose a boyfriend right hip), etc.etc. You can also make music with the choreographer to start with 30 seconds of a waltz and then go to another dance with a change of music. This can be very cool and surprise guests.

It is my opinion that at a wedding everything has to fit the personality and tastes of the couple. So it’s best dance what we like and seek professional help from a teacher with the song that is personal to us.

4. Professionals

Looking on google you can find.
What the couple depends on the time available; their economic capabilities and and interest in actually learning to dance or just learn a basic level and choreograph a dance to dance a song on her wedding day happy and carefree steps.

For a small intensive tutoring, dance choreography, music selection and dance. For couples who can not dance you start from scratch but in private lessons you learn much faster and can do something very original and very nice. For couples who dance well you can mount an impressive choreography. At the entrance of this site is the photo of a bride and groom dancing my clients a pulp fiction John Travolta & Uma so impressive, perfectly coordinated and enjoying.

I recommend contacting the / the teacher a pair of months in advance to ensure availability and to leave us time to practice and rehearse. In the dance is much more important to be consistent and practice the raw talent. I have always been the most awkward and the slowest in the class to learn but with endless hours of sweat and effort I have learned to move.

In a single pair of private lessons can be arranged for something simple and boyfriends with more interest, and time means more classes can be mounted very special.