prior to the wedding day

It has been a long standing tradition for couples to present gifts to their close family and friends prior to the wedding day, as a means to say thank you for their participation. After the wedding, couples often order their favorite photographs as gifts for the very same family and friends. Gift Folios from Wedding Images are a slight twist on both of these time honored traditions, serving both purposes. We customize each of our Gift Folios with a personal message of thanks for you to give prior to the wedding. After the wedding, each of the recipients is asked to choose photographs that have special meaning to them, to complete their gift. These Gift Folios are a great way to say thanks to grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters or members of your bridal party. In other words, these Folios make really great gifts. Available in a variety of colors, our folios come in two sizes either 5″ x 7″ or 8″ x10″ and can accommodate both vertical or horizontal photographs.

A picture is worth a thousand words

A picture is worth a thousand words, and when it’s time to write your thank you notes, those extra words can come in handy. Our photo slip-in cards are a popular way to say thanks in a very special way. Wedding Images is pleased to offer dozens of different styles to choose from. Each thank you note accommodates the wallet-sized photo of your choice. Show your guests just how special they are. Thank them with your favorite photo.

The Signature Frame is fast becoming a must have accessory for every wedding

The Signature Frame is fast becoming a must have accessory for every wedding. The 8″x 10″ bevel cut oval opening in this 16″x 20″ mat leaves plenty of room for your guests to express themselves. Although they serve similar purposes, the Signature Frame is not meant to replace your guest book. While guests simply sign a guest book, they’re encouraged to share a personal message to you on the Signature Frame. Once you’ve received your proofs, you choose the perfect photograph to complete your frame. Wedding Images is pleased to offer a wide variety of frame mouldings and colors from which to choose. From our basic black to the most ornate and everything in between. As always, at Wedding Images, the choice is yours.

Perhaps one of our best conversation starters

Perhaps one of our best conversation starters, these Laser Cutouts can be made using any photo. Once mounted on a sturdy acrylic stand, each photo is treated with a protective laminate. The photo is then precisely cut using a laser to remove the background. The result is an eyecatching standout look to your photograph. Our 3D Popout version offsets the backgound for a  three dimensional look. Choose a photo for fun or maybe a formal. Either way, this unique method of displaying your photographs will get a lot of attention.

Weddings can be very serious business

Weddings can be very serious business. That’s precisely why you need to shake things up and have a little fun. We suggest you shake one of our snowglobes. It’s not like any other because you choose the photo. We add your names and the wedding date to finish it off. Come on – let loose and have a little fun. After all – everyone likes a snowglobe!

Whether you’re at the computer enjoying your Interactive Multimedia CD-ROM from Wedding Images or just getting a little work done, you’ll love clicking away on your new personalized Mousepad. The 5″x 7″ photograph is a wonderful addition to any desktop and these Mousepads are really built to last. We’re certain your Grandparents, Parents and Friends would all love to have their own. Keep them in mind for any occasion. Photo Mousepads from Wedding Images make great gifts.

If you’re searching for a practical gift for just about anyone, look no further than this beautiful Address Book from Wedding Images. The 5″x 7″ cover photo of your choice framed in the look of black leather combines to make this Address Book very attractive. Inside, the alphabetized tabs and generous sized pages make it easy to find what you’re looking for. Put it all together and you have a gift that’s both useful and attractive.

Many factors combine to make this Clock Frame the most popular gift item Wedding Images offers. The
beautiful brass like finish makes it an attractive keepsake that fits any decor, home or office. The 5″x 7″ photo makes it special and the easy to read clock makes it useful. Like our Gift Folios, we customize each of our Clock Frames with a personal message of thanks from you to give prior to the wedding. After the wedding, each recipient is asked to choose a photograph that has special meaning to them to complete their gift. Judging from the feedback we get from everyone that receives a Clock Frame as a gift…it’s a can’t miss solution to your gift giving needs.

Our Jewelry Box is the perfect gift for your Bridesmaids and Flowergirls. The rich warm cherry finish of this wooden Jewelry Box is complimented nicely by the velvetine partitioned interior. Wedding Images will add your personal message of thanks for each of the gift recipients. The note is replaced after the wedding with a specially chosen 5″x 7″ photograph to serve as a warm rememberance of a very special day. A large mirror on the inside of the cover completes this treasured keepsake.