We can personalize almost any of our wedding favors.
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The wind chime wedding favors are personalized by pressing the names and date into the chime hanger top. The personalized wedding favor top is the first thing the guest sees when they open the box. When the chime favor is hung up the names are no longer visible, but your guests are sure to remember the occasion whenever they hear the chime.

Click to view the personalized wind chime top.

The aroma therapy ornaments can be personalized by pressing the names and date into the backs or front of the favors. In addition the card which accompanies each ornament wedding favor is also personalized at no additional charge.

We can personalized ornament wedding favors.

The seed favors are personalized free and there is no set up charge.

Here are the personalized seed wedding favors.

Personalized wedding favors are sure to be cherished and remembered by your guests.

There are many reasons for personalized wedding favors. You want to be sure the guests know the favors are made especially for your event. You don’t want the guests to forget when and where they received the favors.
There are surely other reasons.

The bottom line is the decision is yours and we offer personalization options for some of our favors. For example many of our customers chose to have the leaf aroma ornament favors left plain with leaf veins on each side, and then we put the personalization information on the card. This saves the cost of the personalization and many of our customers feel that the favor stands a better chance of being used if it does not have personalization.

Personalization does not need to be limited to the names and date.
We can print other information such as inspirational verse, logos, anything that will fit in the space allowed.

If you have questions about personalization please email us or call us and we will work with you to make your favors yours.

The standard font used for personalization is Murray Hill.
Click to see the Murray Hill Font
We can use other special fonts but be aware that not all fonts are suitable.
If you have questions please call.