Tips from the TomKat Wedding

Tips from the TomKat Wedding – Like their infamous relationship, the TomKat wedding was a perfect paradox of do’s and don’ts. Do’s include a designer bouquet, a romantic castle in Italy, and an opera singer in attendance. Don’ts include a scientology advisor at every reception table, an endless make-out kiss that had guests screaming “stop,”and diva-esque guests who all but outshone the bride. Still, it was a swanky celebrity wedding overall, so for all you TomKat fans out there, here’s the deep dish on what went down, and what you at home can do to recreate your own celebrity wedding, from wedding favors to bridesmaid gifts.

One great way to create your own similar wedding is to purchase scaled-down versions of Tom and Katie’s wedding gifts. For example, Katie’s wedding gift to Tom was an engraved watch. This wedding gift is both useful and attractive, and there are many styles and prices to choose from. A personalized message is a great way to make a utilitarian timepiece into a priceless memento. Check out a great selection of engraved watches here.

Another innovative idea that is easy to copy is wedding goodie bags. Instead of individual wedding favors, Tom and Katie went over-the-top, in a good way, with festive goodie bags for each guest. This is an especially nice touch for a destination wedding. From monogrammed towels to sunglasses, each of these upgraded SWAG bags was packed with treats sure to sweeten the ceremony for the A-list guests. Other do’s include a breathtaking fireworks show after the ceremony, including the kids in the ceremony (even little Suri was in Armani) and Katie’s exceptional bridesmaid gifts. Not only did she buy the bridesmaid dresses for her girls, she also splurged for a spa day and expensive cross necklaces as bridesmaid gifts for each attendant. A multi-course authentic Italian feast at the rehearsal dinner was also a great way to ease jetlag for droopy guests. And speaking of guests…

More dubious behavior includes a truly questionable guest list. Inviting fashion horses like Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham, while overlooking Opera? Bad karma, baby. Even we invited Opera to our weddings, and we’ve never even jumped on her couch! Rumors of J Lo’s diva behavior on the private plane and at the reception dinner only clinch our convictions that you should not invite people more attractive than yourself to your own wedding. Other invite oversights included the Odescalchi family themselves, who were kind enough to lend out their home, and the mayor of Bacciono, who was snubbed in favor of the mayor of Rome. Folks at home, take notes. When making your guest list remember: major world leaders and foreign royalty, yes. Diva friends who steal the show with their inappropriate antics and superior fashion sense, no.

While a romantic proposal on the Eiffel Tower is a definite do, TomKat’s amorous international relations end there. Acting as the anti-Brangelina, the ungracious couple abandoned international diplomacy when refusing to wave or even acknowledge any of the many well-wishers that lined outside the castle, in the rain no less. Would a little flash of white dress and a wave have been that much to ask? Lesson here: If another country is kind enough to let you hold your nuptials there, please at least have the courtesy to acknowledge them. You don’t have to hand out wedding favors, but at least smile and wave.

On the other hand, sweet sentiment reigned at the reception, as Katie danced with her dad to the timeless sounds of “What a Wonderful World”. The love birds later took the stage to Fleetwood Mac’s “Songbird.” Some cornier highlights include Tom serenading Katie to “You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling” in cringe-worthy homage to his Top Gun days.

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Another do includes the couple’s lavish honeymoon. We like the idea of a classic ceremony site like Italy, followed by a tropical honeymoon in the Maldives. Factor in the $3000 Katie is rumored to have spent on lingerie, and you know the couple is in for an unforgettable vacation. Another TomKitten, anyone?

Another do is choosing one designer and incorporating them through the whole wedding. Tom and Katie both wore Armani wedding attire, as did baby Suri. Even Katie’s bouquet was Armani, which may explain why she opted against tossing it at the end of the night.

Other chic reception ideas you might want to include: Katie changed from her flowier wedding gown into a slinky reception dress. Other reception stand-outs include the wedding cake, a frothy white chocolate affair with white chocolate chips and marzipan roses. Elegant and appetizing, white chocolate wedding cakes are a definite do!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into the TomKat wedding, and we wish the lovebirds luck in their life together.