Wedding Basket Shower

I love unique ideas. If you have a friend who is getting 
married and don't want to do the normal run-of-the-mill 
bridal shower, here is a superb idea. Throw your friend 
a "basket shower". Each guest will bring a basket of 
goodies that has a theme to go along with it. It will help 
the new bride get well-stocked on supplies as well as fun 
Here are a few themes to get you thinking. Be creative 
and have a blast discovering all the themes ladies come 
up with! 

*Home Organization Basket - notepads, calendar, 
organizer, folders, clock, phone... 

*Honeymoon/Romance Basket - negligee, perfume, lotion, 
Throw Blanket, hot chocolate or sparkling cider with 2 mugs 
or glasses, picnic basket... 

*Gourmet/Kitchen Basket - pasta, fancy dressings, crystal 
pitcher, apron, hot pads, ice cream maker.... 

*Gardening Basket - seeds, flower pot, water can, gardening 
gloves, garden tools, lawnchairs.... 

*Mrs. Fix-It Basket - small tool case, scissors, sewing basket, 

*Homemaking Basket - laundry basket, pillows, blankets, 
dustbuster, air freshener.... 

*Memory Maker Basket - photo albums, picture frames, guest 
book, journals....