Wedding Dance Myths Decoded

Wedding Dance Myths Decoded – Courtesy of the wonderful creators of Weddingstand’s “Now You Are Dancing DVD,” here are a few popular wedding dance myths decoded. Once you have read over these reassurances from one of the most veteran wedding dance companies in the business, we expect you to run, not waltz, to your computer and order the fabulous “Now You are Dancing” DVD.

Needless to say, the wedding dance is one of the most romantic and memorable parts of the ceremony, one many couples say is the highlight of the night. So why do so many quake in fear of the wedding dance? Below, “Now You are Dancing” will debunk the most common wedding dance objections and help you conquer your fear of wedding dancing once and for all!

Objection number 1: We waited until the last minute and now do not have time to learn a proper wedding dance. Wrong! That’s exactly the beauty of the “Now You Are Dancing” wedding dance DVD. Unlike time-consuming lessons where you are just one in a sea of swirling couples, our wedding dance DVD is only a few hours long and is easily rewound for as much personal help as you need mastering a certain move. “Now You Are Dancing” prides themselves on creating simple instructions and easy-to-understand dances that will have you fox trotting in no time.

Objection number 2: We do not know how to dance, have never danced, or can’t dance. Wrong! Of course no one is born knowing how to dance. While we may not be able to teach you the skills to dance professionally, everyone is capable of dancing at a basic level, and we are committed to helping each couple reach their personal dancing potential. According to the website “Many people have come to us with a fear of dancing, or the feeling that they had no rhythm, or the dreaded “two left feet.” The good news? The website goes on to say, “All, and I do mean all of them learned how to successfully dance with their partner and to the music by following our simple system. You’ll be amazed!’ Sounds pretty promising, no?

Objection 3: We are too ashamed to go to dance class because we will be embarrassed and laughed out of the studio. Well, this is exactly where the “Now You Are Dancing DVD” comes in especially handy. If you are uncomfortable learning to dance in a group or feel your skill level is below others, the “Now You Are Dancing DVD” is a great way to earn pointers and arrive ahead of the (dance) class. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone where you got that killer waltz rhythm.

Objection 4: My fiance is against a wedding dance and does not want to participate. Of course, if your fiancé really does not want to be involved in a wedding dance, that is their choice and you must respect it. But often the reasons behind wedding dance opposition are more complicated: perhaps your fiancé is scared of being embarrassed, or doesn’t want to invest a lot of time or money learning how to dance. At any rate, the “Now You Are Dancing” wedding DVD is the most non-invasive, no-harm-done way to give wedding dancing a whirl in a low pressure setting. Just tell your fiancé to give you an hour or two, and if they still hate it, you’ll just pop the wedding dance DVD out and never mention it again. We guarantee you after a few minutes of our enjoyable DVD, they’ll be hooked!

Objection 5: Wedding dances are too complicated with steps I won’t be able to do. Wrong! While some wedding dances, such as the tango and salsa are a bit more difficult to learn, dance styles like swing an foxtrot are easy to learn and the basic steps can be mastered by anyone in a matter of hours. Once you’ve got these basics down, you can decide if you’d like to move on to more adventurous wedding dances or stick to the classics. Either way, you’ll be able to find a wedding dance that works for you using our informative “Now You Are Dancing DVD.”

Objection 6: Wouldn’t it be better for us to come up with our own wedding dance rather than learn the same ones of everyone else? Probably not. With all the work and exertion that goes into a wedding, something as complicated as coreagraphing a wedding dance is not the greatest idea. Even if you manage to coreograph something decent, you run a great risk of forgetting the steps or experiencing stage fright when its time to hit the floor. Better to go with a time-honored dance and embellish with one of the personal touches suggested on our tape, like a fancy entrance or special dip.

Once you have mastered the art of the wedding dance, our helpful DVD is chockfull of other helpful wedding dance tips, from choosing your song to coordinating your wedding dance with the band. The “Now You Are Dancing” DVD is a goldmine of information which leaves no detail uncovered when it comes to perfectly planning and executing your very own wedding dance. By the time we’re done with you, you’ll be foxtrotting, waltzing, or swinging your way straight to the dance floor. Just make sure to wear comfy shoes!