Wedding Dress Fashion Styles

Wedding Dress Fashion Styles – Brides pay particular attention when buying their wedding dress. The bride is meant to be the most beautiful lady during the wedding ceremony and so the bride needs to make sure that she has the best makeup and of course the most stunning wedding gown. The best style of wedding dress changes every year, if not every season.  So what could be the best wedding dresses of 2018?

If you want to look your best during your wedding, then you should make sure that you will be wearing the latest wedding dress creation. This article gives you relevant information about what is in and out for wedding dresses of 2018.

The best wedding dresses of 2018

Plunging V Necklines

Daring cuts are trendy in 2018, but plunging neckline is not for every bride. This cut is actually perfect for busty bride as it will emphasize the natural curves of the body.

Embroidered lace wedding gown

The lacy wedding gown is a classic which seems to fall in and out of fashion, but in 2018 it is becoming very popular again. Brides were fascinated when Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge wore her lacy gown during the 2011 British Royal Wedding.

Colored wedding dresses are also in!

A bride can now choose her own preferred color of wedding dress, and we’re not just talking Cream or Ivory. It is now the time for non-traditional colored wedding dresses. As a matter of fact, many stars decided to get married using black, red, and pink wedding gown.

Feathered wedding dresses

Feathered dresses are not just for late evening occasions. Feathered wedding gowns will be very popular this 2018. However, the bride should be very careful with this type of dress as it can be very fragile.

Mermaid cut wedding gown

A mermaid wedding gown is nothing new, but is becoming popular again. This cut is perfect for brides with beautiful hips. This cut is perfect for both tall and short bride.

Crystal studded wedding dress

Wedding dresses with fake diamond designs are hot in 2018. However, wedding dress like this can be very expensive. If you want to look beautiful on your wedding day, and wouldn’t mind spending a little more on your dress then consider this style.

Cutout backs

This wedding dress style showcases sexiness and sophistication, but this type of cut is only suitable to tall brides. Most brides prefer the cutout backs style because it allows them to flaunt the beauty of their back.

Long sleeve wedding dresses

The fascination of fashion designers in creating long sleeve wedding gown started during the royal wedding. The long sleeve style balances the bareness of the back. Conservative bride who plans to get married this 2018 can also take advantage of long sleeve wedding gown.

A-line wedding dress

A-line wedding dresses convey elegance, class, and sophistication. This is ideal for bride with wider waist and hips because it conceals any imperfections. Wearing an A-line style makes you feel taller and slimmer.

Empire Waist dress

This style emphasizes the bride’s bust area. An empire cut is always in season because it can be worn by any brides. It can make the bride look sexier for it also conceals imperfections.

Choosing the best wedding gown can be a challenging thing to do. There are a lot of styles to choose from, but you need to make sure that the gown is compatible with your body type.