Wedding dress guide will be useful for you who prepare to get married

Wedding dress guide will be useful for you who prepare to get married. For many people a wedding is one of the most important phases in life. That’s why choosing the right wedding dress is a must do to complete this critical moment. There was no denying the beauty of the right wedding dress will leave an unforgettable impression. Although the wedding dress is beautiful and pretty to be a “necessity” for many women, there is one key that must be taken to ensure that unforgettable performances from a bride can be realized perfectly. Because, in addition to beautiful, proper wedding dress styles should also have a “character” in accordance with the wearer. How to choose a wedding dress to suit the character of the wearer? This election must be preceded by the introduction of the wearer’s character, the bride and groom.

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Wedding Dress Guide for Bride and Groom

There are several types of characters bride and groom, it can be seen from the feel of the wedding she wanted. Whether the bride wants a party, romantic, elegant, classic, unique, or extravagant? This feast of shades to choose a dress that fits. Here are some types of Wedding dress guide characters that can become a bride guide to determine a wedding dress.


This type is a lot owned by the bride. Characters like the romantic aura of feminine dresses that show and look soft. This impression could be raised from materials such as tulle, silk, satin, lace, ribbons, until topping corsage. Color choices are usually around until pink and white snow. Best romantic style dress is represented by a model that incorporated subordinate bustier ball gown style skirt width. Long train (the train) can also reach a maximum length (10 meters) when the romantic style is associated with the appearance of the queen or princess.





This classic type has little in common with the romantic type, the difference, not too fond of the classic type of detail that is too soft, as shown by the romantic style. Impression of elegance is the key to the classical type. Classic style wedding would take a firm silhouette; the model is more simple and timeless. Materials that can represent these characters include satin, duchess, taffeta, lace, or silk chiffon accented with embroideries, velvet, or crystals. Classic color choices can lead to the surrounding white off-white to ivory. Classic silhouettes can be displayed in a sheath dress empire style, ball gown-style dress that is too wide and not very long train, until the mermaid style.


Modern brides usually do not like the style that is too complicated. Choice of wedding dress can be a quick dress with a little touch that distinguishes it from other brides, not the least characteristic of this modern bride will choose a short dress or a dress that actually was not originally intended for the bride, as long as white. Material choice is very personal, comfortable and appropriate origin worn by the bride. Do not forget, many brides today are choosing to marry outside the building (outdoor), such as in parks, beaches, or cruise ship. Obviously this condition is taken into account in choosing a wedding dress models.


Brides who love the glamour style of dress might be like a full layer; with a sprinkling of crystal ornaments are very full. Extravagant style is easily interpreted as a very fancy dress, the wrinkles in some places, bubble sleeves, or a stack of layered skirt, still equipped with a mote sprinkles, sequins, crystals, or pearls. Quite a lot of brides who love this style. A little advice, when the bride chose this style, it’s worth considering the element of balance to the bride’s body shape does not seem excessive and drowned in her dress.

Wedding dress guide for your wedding dress design

After understanding the Wedding dress guide character of the bride, it is no less important is to choose a dress that fit the shape of the body of the bride. That is, the wedding dress can “understand” the wearer’s body shape, which can help disguise the deficiencies that exist at the same time highlighting the advantages and uniqueness of the wearer. Therefore, it is important to choose a wedding dress in accordance with the silhouette of the body, do not hesitate to try different silhouette dresses before choosing a dress that best suits your body shape.

A professional designer should be able to recommend the design of what is appropriate for his client. Of course you also have to be comfortable with the design product. And when you are preparing a wedding dress? If it does have more budgets, you can consult wedding dress designers or fashion consultant. Choose the Wedding dress guide design that highlights the advantages of your body.