Wedding Favors from a Groom’s Perspective

Wedding Favors from a Groom’s Perspective – When I first heard the term wedding favor, I thought maybe it was some sort of errand I was supposed to run as a favor to my bride-to-be. Shortly thereafter I realized that after spending thousands of dollars, providing food, entertainment and an all-you-can-drink bar (I mean, come on, when does that ever happen?) to our closest friends and beloved family, we’re also obligated to give them little parting gifts as our way of saying “thank you for coming and enjoying yourselves on our dime.”

The barrage of emails from my sweet bride began. “Oh honey, isn’t this Printed Bud Vase the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? We can have our names and wedding date engraved on all 300 of them!” “Look at these Personalized Minty Mints. We can have our names and wedding date on them and our guests can have fresh breath- it’s a win-win situation!”

A favor box? What are our guests supposed to do with a box? Ohhhhh, you fill it with candy and then the guests eat the candy and throw the box away. I’m not sure what the point of that is. But, according to Elizabeth, “You can’t just lay the candy on the table, it has to go in a pretty favor holder of some sort.” Alright, I guess that makes sense… sort of.

A vase engraved with our names and wedding date? Why would anyone want something with our names and wedding date on it? Then? the most ingenious idea I’ve ever had was upon me! I realized that this was the perfect strategy for me to remind our guests of what a great time they had? on my dime! Alright, so now this is beginning to make a little more sense.

So at this point I’m definitely sold on the personalized favor concept as a constant reminder strategy. And after what felt like 100 more “check out this product” messages from my soon to be wife, I thought she may have hit the nail of the head with Personalized Coffee! Hmmm, now this is sounding a little more interesting. Who knew such a thing even existed? So the day after the wedding when all of our beloved guests are stumbling out of bed with their raging hangovers after drinking all of our booze, they’ll brew the best cup of Elizabeth and Jeff’s Romantic Roast and thank their lucky stars that they were on our guest list.

Now I’m truly intrigued so I began to do a little search of my own. Of course I wasn’t about to get into the car and drive all around town and wasn’t about to set foot in one of those bridal salons, so as usual, I used the internet as my own personal shopper. I couldn’t believe what I found! Did you know that you can have your names and wedding date on Miniature Hershey’s Bars? How about Personalized Hot Sauce? Or even better, man’s best friend, Barbeque Sauce! Yes, they actually have individual bottles of bar-b-que sauce with personalized labels! I can’t believe it, this is great!

And then, low and behold, there it was? on my computer screen like a perfect putt… Personalized Golf Balls! We had to have these! No other favor would do. This is the perfect way to thank our guests and remind them of the greatest party they’ve ever attended. Now all I have to do is sell Elizabeth on my brilliant shopping coup. I clicked on “email a friend” and began my long winded sell? check out this product!