Wedding food ideas

Wedding food ideas – They say the way to a man’s heart is through is stomach; but we’re not often taughtthe way to the man’s parent’s heart, nor his distant cousin, or even his best friends’. Food is a huge element of a wedding, so it’s important to consider your cuisine options as early as possible.


Catering for a wedding causes more stress than almost every other element, but lovers needn’t worry. With a little imagination, your guests can be feasting on unforgettable cuisine.

There are very few constraints to wedding catering, although you should always seek out any special dietary requirements (including vegetarians and allergy sufferers) from your guests as early as possible, so that you can cater equally for them.

The season and time of day you choose to eat should lead the style of meal you serve. For example, early birds could compliment their ceremony with a beautifully displayed, fresh champagne breakfast.

Most people’s idea of wedding food is often the more formal, sit-down dinner. While the most-popular, it’s also the most restrictive and often the most expensive option of wedding catering. Some people believe it restricts the natural flow of people that adds ambience to a wedding reception, however most agree it’s a time of wonderful relaxation and a good time for seated guests to get to know each other.

As an alternative to the sit-down wedding dinner, consider a classical buffet. The domain of raging forks and flying vol-au-vents, the buffet is a widely accepted and unobtrusive form of wedding catering which allows fussy eaters to become subtly satisfied, while easily catering for all levels of appetite.

An increasingly fashionable style of catering at British summer weddings, is the informal barbecue. These days, the aromatic barbecue crackling at the fringe of conversing guests is a world away from the smoking bangersof the late-eighties.

With Britain producing some of the finest produce in the world, wedding caterers are starting to see a demand for al fresco dining. Vegetarians are easily catered for with an accompanying salad bar, or barbecued veggies.

A more tranquil version of a wedding bbq, would be a pleasant picnic on the lawn. This genre of catering can be taken to any extreme, from individual picnic hampers to silver service at your rug. Picnics are a perfect accompaniment to ‘Pims on the lawn’, while a properly executed wedding picnic has room for cosy extras such as snug blankets, and delivers captivated audiences for your wedding entertainers.

Things don’t need to end there, if we consider places we normally like to endulge, and add a little wedding magic, the possibilities are endless. Consider a food marketserving cuisine from around the world: chopsticks with Chinese, gooey nachos from Mexico or a stack of American pancakes for your wedding cake.

If you’re on a tight budget for your wedding catering, there are no cheaper providers than your own kith and kin. A potluck (bring a dish) wedding is a great way to get guests involved in proceedings. Whilst potluck wedding cuisine isn’t everyone’s idea of traditional wedding catering, if it’s well executed it can save you hundreds of pounds and add a little homely realism into your dream day.

Catering at your wedding should combine your personalities, and adapt to the special requirements of your guests; both dietary and physically.

It’s a good idea to compile a selection of options to talk to your wedding caterer about, or if you’re organising the catering at your wedding yourself, then double check the venue can accommodate your preferred set up.