Wedding Ideas: Wedding Hair Styles

Wedding Ideas: Wedding Hair Styles – Everyone has had a bad hair day, a day where your hair style is just getting in the way. Brides want to avoid this mishap, but it is more about need rather than want. The big day is a BIG day that takes up a lot of time and takes the bride on a roller coaster ride. Breaking up wedding hair styles into two major categories can help you save time and money.

Wedding Ideas: Wedding Hair Styles

The Clean Look

The clean look is achieved by pulling hair back and away from the face in order to position towards the back of the head. You can gain some comfort with your hair out of the way. If done well this style can outlast the weather and the party making it easy to maintain Your look can be clean while being trendy, romantic or elegant depending on the overall finish. Remember your facial features will be put center stage with the hair positioned in this manner. The most important part that will receive exposure will be your shoulder line which is tres sexy and tres elegant. For your pictures facial features, shoulder line and the top line of the bodice are the most important elements. These elements provide a frame for the rest of the picture.

Laid back and Moving

The laid back look works less with structure and is closely tied with natural movement. Before exploring this option you should observe how your hair moves naturally and decide if you are able to handle it on your wedding day. If it gets annoying you should not waste time further exploring this option, instead work off of the clean look to get what you want. The cut and style of the hair are extremely important in this situation. You need to work with your features so that mid day you do not end up with a bad hair day. Movement is key to this style and you will need light maintenance throughout day so equip accordingly, however you cannot expect full control. The advantage is the feminine feel you can bring to your overall picture. Leaving the hair to its own accord will provide you with a warn and playful sexy look.

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It comes down to what you want to show to your audience. Sexy, elegant, and feminine can be achieved both ways, however the two roads call attention in two very different ways. To decide observe you in everyday situations. Focus on the importance of weather, comfort, control. Decide what you will feel most comfortable with before stepping foot into any salon.