Creating and sending wedding invitations require etiquette

Wedding Invitations – Creating and sending wedding invitations require etiquette. If you are a little baffled about writing invites, you are not alone. But the job doesn’t have to be difficult. The first thing to make certain of is the list of the guests. By the time you write your invitations, you should have a list of who you would want to invite to your wedding.

Wedding invites should be sent early. It is recommended to send invitations 6 months before the scheduled wedding date. Make sure you include the exact time and date to properly inform your guests. You may leave a contact number so they could phone you for clarifications.

Notify guests on the invitation regarding the dress code

Notify guests on the invitation regarding the dress code. The outfit depends on the theme of the wedding, unlike in the traditional times, where weddings were to be carried out in formal fashion. Today, however, the dress codes vary, for instance, those attending beach weddings may be asked to wear clothes appropriate for the beach setting, for example, loose clothing instead of tuxedos and flowing dresses.

Never make mention about gifts in the invitation. Your friends have probably asked for gifts in their wedding invitations, but do not follow them. Some people also want to ask for money in their invitation. Refrain from doing that because it’s quite rude. Instead, you may use a wishing well, which can be placed on a separate attachment.

It is common for invitations to include maps, and it is often required and suggested that you do. If you are inviting a lot of guests coming from a foreign city, you should provide them with a guide map, and make sure it’s nicely printed and readable.

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