Wedding Makeup idea

Wedding Makeup idea – We know that the wedding day is the most precious in the life of a girlfriend … why today I prepared this note will love. I have to thank our collaborator Miss Lucero, Bridal Makeup, who tells us the basic tips to look like a princess on the wedding.

  Wedding Ideas: Wedding Hair Styles

Knowing the expectations of the bride is essential, and for that Wilhelmina tells us that during the interview with the bride talk about the style of the event, as will the dress, hairstyle, flowers, if you will hit if used simultaneously query veil … if the conclusion be day or night, if you sweat a lot and other information of importance to adapt the makeup soft and delicate for that time of day.

Another recommendation that gives us is to stop taking Guillermina natural sun or tanning bed 15 days before the celebration. This will prevent redness, allergic reaction or rash may appear to occur and if there is time to fix it. If possible take the time to face visiting a beauty salon or dermatologist in advance to prepare the skin and look splendid.

During the meeting, and suggested Wilhelmina offers bridal colors are wedding talk on the type of products used as mask tab: WaterProof (waterproof), see if they also maquillarán godmothers family and finally gives his recommendation on the time it takes makeup to coordinate the appointment after the hairstyle.

Ultimately it is the style you choose the bride is not advisable to experiment with a new makeup or you may feel strange in the most wonderful day of your life.

Usually the bride wants to be comfortable and your makeup is so natural that inspire romance reflecting your personality. The work of Guillermina is to give the bride the confidence and elegance to remember this day forever.