Wedding reception saving money

Wedding reception saving money – Saving money on your wedding day is probably the single most important factor for the majority of couples, especially in the current economic situation and much has been written about how you should do that.


The good news is that it is very possible to shave thousands off the cost of your wedding without adversely affecting the outcome and enjoyment of the day. All you need to do is follow a few of our expert tips highlighted below.

There are a lot of creative solutions to saving money at your wedding reception. The most obvious is to limit the number of guests you invite.

If you book your reception at a hotel or restaurant, the manager can act as a wedding coordinator or planner, saving you money and time.

Youi should also think about a buffet instead of a sit down meal as this is a great way of saving lots of cash.

A huge expense at the wedding reception can be alcohol. But there are lots of ways to save on cocktails without compromising fun. If you’re supplying the alcohol yourself, shop around at shopping clubs like Costco. A lot of online retailers have great prices and selections.

Making your own reception decorations is easier than you think too and hhey will make your venue feel extra special. Getting creative by making your own bunting or similar decor can mean the difference between a drab building and a personalised place for you to get married and all it will cost is a few pieces of old fabric and some cotton!

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