Wedding Timetable

This is a suggested wedding timetable only based on planning your wedding one year in advance. Some couples may have a longer period, others a much shorter period in which to achieve their dream wedding. Should you find yourself in the latter category it may be prudent to delegate some tasks. If you do decide to delegate ensure there are clear lines of communication at all times. Organise some face-to-face meetings and do not be afraid to ask for specific details on how the task is progressing.

Wedding timetable 1 year + prior
– announce engagement
– parents to meet (if they have not done so already)
– decide on wedding date (check with VIP’s their availability)
– agree on budget
– if emigrating start legal proceedings for application to reside in new country
– start a healthy diet and exercise regime if you haven’t already done so
– draw up your wedding timetable

12 months prior
– choose and book reception and ceremony site(s)
– work on guest list
– look for a wedding dress

6 – 9 months prior
– choose and hire: caterer, photographer, videographer, florist, band/DJ, enroll in bridal gift registry
– choose wedding party (bridesmaids, groomsmen, ushers etc.)
– discuss honeymoon locations
– review your wedding timetable 4 – 6 months prior
– choose and order: wedding stationery, wedding cake, bridesmaids dresses
– hunt for accommodation for guests – group bookings may attract a discount
– complete guest list
– meet with best man
– meet with chief bridesmaid (matron of honor)
– meet with bridesmaid(s)

2 – 4 months prior
– obtain marriage license (check period after which license expires)
– order grooms and groomsmen’s outfits
– make honeymoon reservations
– meet with caterer and sommelier, have trial tasting
– choose and order rings
– arrange dress rehearsal and dress rehearsal dinner
– choose hairdresser and make-up artist
– choose and book wedding transport for wedding party and out of town guests
– ensure you have family planning in place
– if planning a family immediately start taking folic acid

8 weeks prior
– send wedding invitations
– book hair and make up trails
– start beauty preparation
– check insurance to see if still valid moving from single to married status
– check, if being made, how your gown is coming along
– arrange pre-wedding activities for your guests
– buy gifts for wedding party

2 – 4 weeks prior
– plan seating for reception
– confirm details with photographer, florist, videographer, band/DJ
– have final wedding dress fitting and organise delivery/pick-up
– write speeches and/or toasts
– if providing own liquor purchase and organise delivery to reception venue

week prior
– put fees in envelopes for organist, soloist, marriage celebrant/minister, chauffeur, etc.
– give caterer the final numbers
– appoint a person to take the place cards and seating plan, cake, (knife & stand), mother’s bouquets, gifts and bonbonnieres, “going away” outfits, to the wedding reception
– appoint a person to deliver the buttonholes and service sheets to the ceremony’s venue
– meet with Ushers
– appoint a person to retrieve the bridal dress/groom’s attire, personal affects, wedding presents etc. to the bride and groom’s home and distribute any floral arrangements at the closure of the wedding celebration
– have manicure, pedicure, facial etc.
– pack for honeymoon
– pick up any dry-cleaning

day before
– greet out of town guests
– have a stress reducing activity
– final rehearsal or run through of events
– final dinner
– early night!