Winter Wedding Wonderland

Winter Wedding Wonderland – Just hear those wedding bells jing-a-lin, ring-ting-ting-a-lin, too?o the holiday season has seduced you with its dark blue skies, hushed green foliage and shimmering white landscapes? In short, you’ve decided to have a winter wedding! Good for you! A winter wedding has many benefits, like competitive off-season prices on reception and ceremony cites, a better selection of wedding vendors, ministers, bands, and ample opportunity to be creative in your planning. And WeddingStand is here to help you do just that!

The first step to planning a winter wedding is to set the mood with seasonal invitations. We like white- on- white invites or white with silver script for a fancy, formal touch! A translucent inner layer, cream ribbon, and heavy embossed script all add an elegant, “snowed in” effect.

Our next suggestion for winter wedding planning is to toss the bouquet-permanently. That’s right! Although flowers are beautiful, for a winter wedding we like the idea of bridesmaids carrying votive candles or tea lights, wearing muffs, or holding a cascading bouquet of bells. This last idea is cool because there is still room for the bride to set herself apart. For example, your bridesmaids could carry silver bells and you could carry a crystal bell. The gentle ringing will sound ceremonial and sweet, adding a merry atmosphere to the wedding procession as you and your girls glide up the aisle like angels.

Build on this theme by having your flower girl-or “snow shower girl”- follow, dusting the aisles with silver glitter or sprinkling drifts of snow. Dress her and your ring bearer in all-white formalwear for a classic, winter look. For a fun touch, consider having the littlest attendants come down in unique style, like by sled or snowshoe.

Next, it’s time to choose your bridal party colors. For winter wedding hues we suggest either playing up winter’s pale shades, or departing from them completely. If you choose to incorporate winter into your wedding motif, consider having your bridesmaids dress in contrasting iridescent hues, like the palest pink, barest champagne, and sheerest silver. Your bridesmaids will look like winter nymphs in these translucent frocks, adding a cool, mystical vibe to your wedding. For the bride, a white dress and a sash of ribbons integrating all the bridesmaid’s dress colors is a chic idea.

Your other option for winter wedding colors is to contrast with the landscape so that your winter nuptials create a startling portrait of life and vitality. Think navy blue velvet bridesmaid gowns with furry hoods. Ice blue silk sashes complete the look, and make a great bridesmaids’ gift! For the bride, be your own something blue in an ice-blue silk gown and a navy blue cape.

Note: when planning your seasonal wedding attire, remember that too much white and shimmer in a winter wedding can seem tacky, so limit your sparkles to simple touches. For example, crystal hairpins make a festive and fashionable bridesmaid gift.

For cuisine, dishes that are light, colorful, and hearty bring a cozy touch to a winter wedding. Think stew in a shot glass, elegant slivers of pumpkin pie on toothpicks, or medleys of zucchini, squash, and bell peppers. For a more elaborate spread, savory turnovers, pork spring rolls or dinner crepes make delightful dishes.

For winter spirits, have a “snow bar” and serve champagne, chardonnay, and sauvignon blanc with real snow in the bottom of the glass! Don’t forget cocoa for the kids, with white chocolate to continue the theme!

For a winter wedding, classic music throughout the ceremony and reception is most appropriate. Have a band go from table to table Christmas carolers-style, singing a medley of popular love songs during the appetizer hour. Lapse into a classic CD compilation when dinner is served.

Don’t forget, no winter wedding is complete without an elaborate exit. As you ride off in your horse-drawn carriage or all-white limousine, you can rest assured that no one will ever forget this winter wedding memory-least of all you and your groom!